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Setting Permissions in Intranet Starter Kit

  • Setting Permissions in Intranet Starter Kit
  • I am looking for clarification on how the permissions are being set for the intranet starter kit.  Let me start by stating what I do know at this point.

    There is a page template called Intranet Main Template.  On this template there are two widget dropzones that are not being used.  One is for the page title/header and the other is for the main content.

    Now let's say I go to the page Events and I look at what is on there.  I see the page title and some sample content.  If I look at the permissions of the title it is set to allow everyone to view and to deny all anonymous users.  I look at the sample content and permissions are just set to allow everyone to view.

    Navigating, unauthenticated, to <domainname>/events shows me the message that I am not logged in and gives me the link to go log in.  I would expect that the page title would not show up due to how permissions were set, but I do not see how it is that the sample content is also hidden when it was not set any restrictions.

    I have looked at the page template and the only thing that strikes me odd is that the main content dropzone has a 100% layout element within it.  It does not seem possible to set permissions on layout elements via the UI so I am wondering if there is something happening in the code that is doing this?

    I found the SampleUtilites class library and saw some helper methods to add controls to pages with default permissions, but did not see where they were being used.

    I am attaching screenshots of the various spots I just talked about.  Any insight would be great.

  • Hi Stacey,

    Setting permissions on widgets is aimed to hide them in the frontend. You should not get the log in in the frontend. You can not set permissions on layout elements, but you can set permissions on pages and page templates so that certain users will not be able to access or edit the layout elements.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team

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