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Adding new layouts

  • Adding new layouts
  • I thought it was all convention based so if I dropped a new <name>.html into /GridSystem/Templates it would appear in the backend layouts?  Or is that just to override the embedded ones?

     No? there a wiki doc I'm just missing?

     I mean I know I can likely just add them into the backend toolbox manually, was just curious...

  • Hi Steve,

    I think this may be my struggle with the file based templates. Details of my adventures on this are here:

    You can add new files to /GridSystem/Templates and they'll show up in the layout widgets. The new layouts have to be put into /MVC/Views/Layouts. Once there, you'll see a new mylayoutname.cshtml file in whatever your resource package folder name is.

    The problem that I outlined in my post, is that this works fine but there's no idea of building one template from another so I can't drop in template1.cshtml and then template2.cshtml that builds on template1. It has to be a full page template from what I can tell.