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  • Hi

     Have some nested dynamic content in the following format:

    Product Group 1

    - Product 1

    - Product 2

    Product Group 2

    - Product 3

    - Product 4

    - Product 5


    Trying got set up Master detail pages 2 levels deep. So will have a list of product groups using a widget on the main page. The single page will then have the template render the list of products. How do I need to implement my final "details" page? 

    Currently implemented through custom feather mvc widgets as I need to extend the breadcrumb to pick up the additional master / detail nodes. Able to use widget for master and detail implementations, but unsure how to capture or route final detail implementation.

     Would like to have this implemented in this way so I can have 1 page with the widget, producing the URL hierarchy from the single point and no need for any other pages taking up space.

    Thank you in advance.


  • OK, Figured out the widgets need to be one the same page :) . However, how do I hide parent's detail template when i want to view the only the child template? Widgets being on the same page, causes parent details to be called when child details are requested.

  • Was there an answer to hiding the parent when viewing the childs details with MVC widgets?