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Is there a shared content block selector?

  • Is there a shared content block selector?
  • We are designing widgets and we wish to allow users to select shared content blocks in our designers. Imagine a use case where one content block appears in may widgets. When that content block is changed, the change automatically is reflected in the widgets because in the designer a content editor has selected this block.

    We have found this list of selectors. However after going through that list and looking at the provided selectors in the client components, I cannot find a way to allow the user to select shared content blocks from designers. Surely there is a way without us deep diving into writing our own directive.

    And if not supported, why? And what is the alternative. 

    Thank you

  • Hi Mikyle,

    There is a way how to do that. Here you can see the example, how it's working for built-in "content block" widget

    Please, let me know, if you still have anyquestions

  • Hey Victor,

    Thanks for the reply.  We might be able to use this source code in our widgets.

    It seems as though the code is written, but just not placed in a directive. Does anyone from Progress know if having a shared content block selector is on the road map for a future feather release? Seems like it would be useful.