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Sitefinity web farm, load balancer and SSL

  • Sitefinity web farm, load balancer and SSL
  • Hi

    anybody know whether following article still relevant with sitefinity 7 ? (

    what i'm trying to do is enable SSL to certain page using requireSSL option, but so far it failed
    i have tried following

    which is working in my VM's which is the network architecture is
    host <-> app server <-> db server

    but not working in stg server 
    user <-> internet <-> load balancer (SSL) <-> web server <-> app server <-> db server

    appreciate any reply and help

    Thank You
  • Hello Herbert,

    The first article (the forum post) is not relevant for Sitefinity 4.0+, but the other two articles which you have followed are the right ones.
    Can you please give us more details about the problem? Do you get any errors?
    Also, can you confirm that you followed completely the article about configuring SSL, especially the prerequisite Sitefinity requires that you setup the http binding on port 80 and the https binding on port 443. 
    This is the most important point for running under a secured connection - you need to have https binding configured for your website in IIS. Since you are in load balanced environment, you need to do this on all of the instances in the webfarm. 
    We are looking forward for your response.

    Ivan Eftimov
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  • Hi Ivan,

    We are having the same problem as described by Herbert. We have working environment as

    user <-> internet <-> load balancer (SSL) <-> web server <-> app server <-> db server

    We have only one server in load balance environment for now. When we try accessing website /sitefinity with secured backend pages, we are getting redirect loop error. If I disable https on website backend, everything works fine.

    Can you please advise what may be going wrong. We are using Sitefinity 8.0 in multisite mode.