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Retrieving full page URL in multi-site scenario

  • Retrieving full page URL in multi-site scenario
  • Hi,

    I'm developing a web service (WCF) inside SF (9.1) which should return some of the page data, most importantly in this case - actual front-end page URL. I have couple of multi-sites, like (default),, etc.

    I've tried to apply the solution described in documentation (

    var pageNode = page.NavigationNode;
    var siteMap = SiteMapBase.GetCurrentProvider();
    var siteMapNode = siteMap.FindSiteMapNodeFromKey(pageNode.Id.ToString()) as PageSiteNode;
    if (siteMapNode == null)
        return string.Empty;
    var url = siteMapNode.GetUrl(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, true);
    return UrlPath.ResolveUrl(url, true, true);

    but it returns the url of the default multi-site, that is: instead of

    Since most of the operations related with multi-sites and sites in API are performed in static context (!) I also tried to statically switching to the target multi-site context:

    var multisiteContext = SystemManager.CurrentContext as MultisiteContext;
    if (multisiteContext == null)
        return null;
    var currentMultisite = multisiteContext.CurrentSite;
    var targetPageMultisite = multisiteContext.GetSiteBySiteMapRoot(page.NavigationNode.RootNodeId);
    var result = new ...
        DisplayUrl = UrlPath.ResolveAbsoluteUrl(page.NavigationNode.GetFullUrl(), true),
    return result;

    but with exactly the same result as above.

    This operation is so basic that I cannot imagine how it was made so complex in SiteFinity SDK...

    Please advice how can I retrieve the proper absolute URL of specific page including its multi-site context.

  • Really no clue? Anyone?
  • Hi Marek,

    The following KB article, could be useful:

    Svetoslav Manchev
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  • Unfortunately it's not.

    Please, read topic and content of the question carefully - I'm having problem with resolving page URL, not with retrieving the pages and their data

  • Hi Marek, that what i did for my multisite

    var multisiteContext = SystemManager.CurrentContext;
    var currentSite = multisiteContext.CurrentSite;
    var domain = (currentSite.RequiresSsl ? "https://" : "http://") + currentSite.LiveUrl;
    var url = domain + pageNode.GetUrl(culture).Trim('~');

    This should work for you

  • You can try to receive specific site and take liveUrl from site

    var targetPageMultisite = MultisiteManager.GetManager().GetSites().First(s=>s.SiteMapRootNodeId == page.NavigationNode.RootNodeId);
    var domain = (targetPageMultisite.RequiresSsl ? "https://" : "http://") + targetPageMultisite.LiveUrl;

    It should allows you to receive all multisite urls

  • Your solution works well when you run it in the context (URL) of the proper multi-site, but it does not work in my case.

    Please note that multisiteContext.CurrentSite works in a static context so it simply cannot return the proper multi-site URL when you run the code from a default multi-site only (as in this case).

  • 666d541e-37c1-6deb-a958-ff0000446526_multisite.png

    May be targetPageMultisite is incorrect.

    This method MultisiteManager.GetManager().GetSites() working fine for me. All sites have correct LiveUrl property.


  • Thank you for the hint but this doesn't work either (tested). The 'targetPageMultisite.LiveUrl' property does not resolve properly to multisite url.

    I don't know if it's relevant, but in my case all the multisites are in single domain but on different paths:
    * Default multisite:
    * Multisite A:
    * Multisite B:

    The 'targetPageMultisite.LiveUrl' always resolves to the default multisite URL.