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Sitefinity fields are looking clumsy on Sitefinity Page.

  • Sitefinity fields are looking clumsy on Sitefinity Page.
  • Hi.

    Can you attach screenshot example?

    And did you try to check browser console? May be some styles not loaded correctly.

  • cf6a541e-37c1-6deb-a958-ff0000446526_image.jpg

    Hi Victor,

    The Issue is reproducible only when I create a page with custom page template or when I change the design of existing template. However, If I create a page using existing template the MVC UI looks better.

    Please find the attached Image.

  • Hi everyone,

    I have created Sitefinity Project 9.0 and trying to build a webpage.

    I am facing UI issue. I.e. The form fields are looking clumsy on the Sitefinity page.

    Can someone help me why the fields are looking clumsy?

  • I don't think that it is problem. Existing template already have some css styles for form fields. And i think your custom templates dont have any csss styles for form. That the reason why they looks like that.

    You can copy form styles to your custom template from existing, or you can write your own css

  • Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your suggestion. However, I am not familiar with Sitefinity so it would be helpful If you share any video or link on creating page template and applying CSS styles.

  • Hello Balu,

    This is expected if the Sitefinity stylesheets are not loaded on the page or you are not using the correct classes for the elements.

    If this is a MVC page, check the MVC default templates and styles referenced:
    For the html elements you can use the bootstrap styles.

    Please, check these documentation articles for web forms:

    Nikola Zagorchev
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