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Customizing a Template in Sitefinity

  • Customizing a Template in Sitefinity
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    I'm fairly new to coding and creating templates. I have added a template (and navigation) but am still having problems with some of my css not taking.  First and foremost, I am wondering why my navigation bar and overall webpage won't center? I created this template in Dreamweaver, and tested it on multiple browsers and it worked. Is something in Sitefinity overriding my template? I have version 9.1.

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    Actually this is the image I meant to attach. 
  • I answered my own question. Thanks for the help....
  • Thanks so much!  You would be surprised at the things some folks have missed. I have fixed a similar problem on what I am supporting, only it was more difficult to track down because the original developer used a LOT of copy and paste.  I would change something and it would not show up in the results because the same style was repeated below multiple times (sometimes in the same file and sometimes a different file or both) and was superseding my changes.  I am carefully cleaning it up, but in the mean time I do a global search now for every CSS class I touch.

    Good luck with your new endeavors.  I would recommend you check out Pluralsight for some training to get you started.  They are inexpensive and the videos are pretty good.  If you have money to burn, then I would also check out Falafel.  They developed the videos I am talking about and have live training.  I have used and recommend both.

    Finally, if I am not in a hurry, I post here (I have a question from yesterday that no one has even looked at).  If I need help quickly, I will often post a question on Stack Overflow as they have a lot of traffic.  I have seen people post in both places.  There is also the ticketing system, but I have a hard time using that outside of what I perceive to be Sitefinity problems/bugs. 

  • What was the actual issue (for others who might have the same problem)?
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    Hi Brian,

    As I said I'm fairly new to this, so I don't think others would miss this step. Basically, when setting up the Navigation (for example) I forgot to add the class.

    .navMenu ul

    background-color:  yellow;

    So navMenu into my Navigation bar widget. That is fixed.


    Some of it still isn't taking, but I believe that is a deeper issue for someone who's new to code, like me. It will probably involve more training, instead of self-teaching.



  • Thanks, Brian. I've been recommended Pluralsight, but am currently looking into going back to school for web design. It does seem to be a useful tool where I can hopefully invest some time.

    I generally don't know where to post. I did submit a ticket once I realized this post might take awhile to be answered. I just hate to ticket every code error, since I'm so new.  I do agree that some issues are more Sitefinity bugs. And I am used to Sitefinity 8.2, not 9.1.

    Thanks again for the information!