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Sitefinity 6.3 Beta Released

  • Sitefinity 6.3 Beta Released
  • Hi all,

    We are glad to announce that Sitefinity 6.3 Beta is available for download here.

    This version contains:  Custom URLs in Pages,   SEO improvements, Custom Taxonomies as filtering options in Content Widgets, Comments Notifications, improvements in Sites Sync, Ecommerce Tier Pricing, and Taxes import. Details are below.

    Please, try to upgrade your project and let us know of your feedback and comments!

    ! Important: Note that this build is for preview purposes only and upgrades from it will not be supported.


    Custom URLs in Pages

    When editing Page Title and Properties in Backend, users can set a custom URL for the page which is independent from the page position in the hierarchy.
    To illustrate:
    In the following page hierarchy:
    page 1
           page 2
              page 3
    Automatically, the default url of page 3 is: ~/page1/page2/page3
    Now, users can make the default URL of page 3 to be:  “~/anything”

     SEO improvements

    • Once a page or content is published, subsequent changes to the title of page /content do not update the URL automatically.
    • When there are special symbol is in the beginning or the end of page/content title, nothing is inserted in the URL. For example title “?news?” generates URL “news”
    • When there is a sequence of special symbols in the title of page or content, and URL is generated, one replacement is be made for all symbols. For example: title “news???us” will generate URL “news-us”

    Custom Taxonomies as filtering options in Content Widgets

    When custom fields of type Taxonomy are added to a Content Type, filtering by those taxonomies shows automatically in the Content Widget designers of this type. 


    Service Stack
    Comments now use Service Stack. For those of you upgrading from version older than Sitefinity 6.2, please add the Service Stack portion to webconfig, as per instructions here

    Comments Notifications
    Via a link in the Comments section on the public site, users can subscribe to receive email notifications for posted comments.
    To enable the feature, go to Advanced Settings> Comments Module, select the content type for which you want to enable notifications, and click on “Enable email subscription”
    Note: You need to configure your SMTP server first.

    Batch Operations in Backend
    In Backend>Comments users can select multiple comments and apply to them actions such as: Delete, Publish, Mark as spam, etc.

    Site Sync

    • Implemented option to Cancel site syncing
    • Improved UI for picking items waiting for sync - included filtering by taxonomies, showed parent item, enabled sorting
    • Added syncing of custom fields data in built-in modules


    Tier pricing
    Tier pricing allows store managers to set different prices depending on the quantity of the ordered product. Thus, customers can order bigger quantities at reduced price per item.
    To enable this functionality, log in to Sitefinity back-end, open a product and create a tier price rule. After the changes are published, the tier price rule will take effect.

    Taxes import and export
    Taxes can be imported from a CSV file, thus saving the time for manual update via the Backend interface.
    Note: To create a CSV import template, create a sample tax and export it to a CSV file.

    Image thumbnails
    Products image thumbnails allow store admins to reduce the loading time of ecommerce pages by using smaller optimized image files. The following widgets can be set to use thumbnails: Product list, Shopping cart, Shopping cart summary, Checkout, Wish list, Buy now, Orders list, and Order invoice.
    To apply a thumbnail, open the respective widget designer and select the desired thumbnail to be displayed by the widget.

     We look forward to receiving your feedback!

    Sitefinity Team


  • This is just a wishlist thing, but ANY chance of a pages SEO improvement to remove redundancies?

    I find users creating pages don't even look at the urls, they just type in the titles, so you end up with things like
    ...etc etc

    Where it'd be nice for it to automatically be 

  • @Kali
    This is just a small "bug" need to fix yet, but I added a custom taxonomy to "news" and I noticed your popup Add Field Designer (Classification) is still using the Sitefinity Skin for the RadCombo...this is being depreciated by the ajax guys right? won't be in the Telerik.Web.UI skins anymore

    I'm so happy custom classifications are now in the widget designers!  Is there any chance to get them to appear on the "Content" backend menu as well automatically...instead of the "All Classifications" link?

  • Steve,

    On removing redundancies from URL: what we can do is run an
    URL analyzer which analyzes URLs and suggest ones suitable for optimization.
    Then users can edit them. I am worried that if we cut URLs automatically for
    users we can never be as smart as them, and the implications are quite
    significant. In the case above we need to automatically edit 3 URLs for each
    page in the hierarchy.

    We’ll see to remove the glitch with the Add Field Designer.

    We are considering how to include all classifications in the
    backend menu. However, we need to decide how to handle very long menus first,
    probably by introducing columns. This can come in some of the next releases .


  • Hi Kalina,

    Thanks for making available this beta release. The custom page URLs are a really cool feature I have been waiting for since 2012. Great to see this implemented now. This is a real step forward for SEO with Sitefinity. I have tested it and will email the detailed results.
  • I don't think the analyzer would be necessary then...I mean they BARELY ever see the url input to change it least I've never seen a page editor who's changed it.  They always leave it as the default bloated url.
  • Hi Kalina,

    On the roadmap it said that there would be custom attributes in Pages, Taxonomies and Forms. I've looked for these attributes in pages, but I can't seem to find it. Is it included in the beta version (if so, where?) or will it be added in the final release?

    On a small sidenote: the Project manager and license still say 6.2.5031.0 :)
  • Hi Rick,
    The custom attributes in Pages, Taxonomies and Forms will be accessible via code and will not exist as options in the backend interface.
    However, such options can be easily enabled by developers, and we will deliver documentation on how this can be done.
  • on the multisite feature, created a second site, and when trying to create a page, it comes back with

    Server Error in '/Multisite' Application.The resource cannot be found.Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly. Requested URL: /Multisite/homeau/Action/Edit Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.18055

    this is the url     localhost:47622/.../Edit

    It creates the page in draft mode, after I refresh /Pages, but cannot go into edit mode (above error)

    it also claims that a page with the same url exists (this is true on another site, but not on the current one).

    When trying to create a new site based off an existing one (with one page) it complains that a page with the URL already exists (/Home)

  • To complement my previous post,
    the issues mentioned are resolved if I host the beta site from IIS, the issues are only present when browsing the site from the project manager.
  • @Kali,
     ...wait...what?  Please explain.

    Have you guys backtracked and aren't making a UI to add "custom fields" (I know they're stored as attributes, but same diff)

    Or will the UI be in release?
  • Hi readonlychild,
    Thanks for the report. The issues were fixed and will be included in the official release.
    - Kalina
  • FYI,
    I enabled the Staging and Syncing module for the beta, and try to play with it but when I click on the "Synchronization Settings" link (

    localhost/.../) it comes back with an IIS 404.0 Not Found
  • Hi readonlychild,
    This is a bug which was fixed and will be included in the official release.

    Hi Steve,
    Interface for Page attributes can be easily added by developer. We will prepare instructions on how this can be done and will post it with the release.