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 Feature Previews & Betas

Sitefinity 10.2 Beta Announced

  • Sitefinity 10.2 Beta Announced
  • Sitefinity 10.2 Beta is available for download on this link.

    Nuget packages are available on (use pre-release tag version 10.2.6550.0)

    This version contains 

    A/B Testing, Optimized dynamic compilation of pages and templates, Explicit Tracking Consent, SEO Fields for MVC, OpenGraph Fields, OWIN Extensibility, Tools updates, multiple bug fixes and more. 

    Please, take a look and let us know what you think!

    Important Note: Beta is not production ready and should not be used on live sites. Upgrades from and to it will not be supported. 

    What's new

    A/B Testing

    To shift your marketing campaign efforts from assumption to knowledge, you can run A/B tests to experiment with variations of the original page to measure which variation performs better in terms of making visitors complete a desired goal. Page variations are displayed to visitors randomly at traffic distribution that you set for a specific time period. Next, you explore performance results and statistical analysis in DEC for the effect of the change, based on which you decide which variation is your winner that optimizes the page to a desired outcome. You can experiment with forms, layout, position of page elements, content elements, call to action, images, social sharing options, and many other components of your pages.(documentation)

    Explicit Tracking Consent

    A new setting enables you to stop web tracking and collecting statistical data for each visitor who did not provide consent for using cookies. A sample dialog is displayed on the web site pages, allowing each visitor to either accept or decline tracking. The setting impacts all web tracking options provided by Sitefinity CMS, including Sitefinity DEC, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Google Analytics. (documentation)

    Optimized Dynamic Compilation of Pages and Templates

    .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn compiler") is now used by default. As a result we achieved 6-10 times faster page and templates compilation, resulting in an up to 5 times faster page load, depending on the performance of other page load components.

    SEO Fields for MVC

    SEO meta title and description fields are now available in the MVC widgets advanced settings.(documentation)

    OpenGraph Fields

    Expose the appropriate title, description and image for your content items when they are shared in Facebook. This can be achieved by adding OpenGraph fields to your module, matching a naming convention. Sitefinity CMS will automatically take them into account and produce the appropriate meta information in the generated pages HTML.(documentation)

    OWIN Extensibility

    Ability to register and use OWIN Middleware components in your site. You could choose from thousands of components for different areas of application and integrate them in Sitefinity CMS. For example, components for:
    • Static Files
    • App Metrics/Logs
    • Output Cache
    • Firewall
    • Security Headers
    • SignalR/WebSockets
    • Compression
    • etc.

    What's Improved

    Client-side Authentication with OData

    Call Sitefinity CMS OData services in browser-based JavaScript applications.

    OpenID Connect Provider

    Configure the out-of-the-box OpenID Connect provider and its parameters and enable authentication via OpenID protocol with third party Security Token Issuer (STS) that supports the protocol. In addition, implement custom external identity providers. (Configure OpenIDImplement custom providers)

    Better Web Site-Language Association Experience

    Only configured languages are available for association with web sites, unless the user prefers explicitly to work with the full list.

    Better Authentication Logging

    Improve error logging in the new Authentication framework.

    Developer Tools updates

    • Progress Telerik UI  for ASP.NET  AJAX - R3 2017
    • Progress Kendo UI - R3 2017
    • Progress Telerik UI for WPF - R3 2017
    • Service Stack v 4.5.14
    • IdentityServer3 - 2.6.1
    • IdentityModel - 1.13.1
    • IdentityServer3.AccessTokenValidation - 2.15.0
    • OwinOAuthProviders  - 2.15.1
    • IdentityServer3 - Angular upgraded to version 1.6.6
    • Application status page - Angular upgraded to version 1.6.6
    • GeoIP database upgraded with latest changes since October 2017

    What's Fixed


    • External STS authentication login with Facebook stopped working for SWT authentication (FP)
    • Unable to login on Windows server 10, with installed update: 4025344 and .Net Framework < 4.6.2
    • Sitefinity backend login displays the Membership Providers name and not their title (FP)
    • Added  'sub' type to the supported claims (A claim of type 'sub' was not present on the provided ClaimsIdentity)


    • Cannot login to Sitefinity in Azure using App Service
    • FilePath of live document item not updated when changing document library and using AWS Blob Storage provider (FP)


    • Load Balancing Cache invalidation messages are sent when changing site context (FP)
    • Redis connection string can`t be removed (FP)

    Dynamic Modules

    • Cannot create MVC widget templates for more than one dynamic module (FP)
    • ModuleBuilder->Backend Screens Tweaks with many fields fix (FP)

    Pages and Page Templates

    • Scripts are always loaded on the top of the page in Hybrid mode, even when there is no Script Manager (FP)
    • Changing the additional URLs redirects to the default one field does not queue the page for syncing (FP)
    • Page Templates: changing UrlEvaluationMode to QueryString on a widget placed in page template is not persisted. (FP)
    • Import does not work for pages with ContentBlock where Hyper link contains sfref="[pages] (FP)


    • SiteSync Migration: Feather widgets with one particular item are not correctly migrated
    • SiteSync: More than 2 levels of document Libraries cannot be synced (FP)
    • SiteSync does not log out the user used for synchronization (FP)
    • Site Sync: Image of the different translation than the default language (en) failed to sync (FP
    • SiteSync logging improvements
    • Site Sync: Waiting items dashboard shows incorrect date for the scheduled sync


    • Site Shield doesn't work in Multisite with subdomains which are sub paths
    • Invalid message text and url when sending site shield invitation mail for non default site


    • Search, ML: non-default language version of a restored item is not shown in the search results


    • Unpublished products appear on sitemap (FP)
    • Ecommerce: PayPal Payments Standard: Total amount with exact fraction is sent to the PayPal without rounding off the decimal points (FP)
    • Ecommerce does not support Mastercard 2-series Bank Identification Numbers (FP)

    Email Campaigns

    • Email campaign issue does not resolve attributes when placed in a link tag (FP)


    • Querying form responses results in error: “The number of elements in the select list exceeds the maximum allowed number of 4096 elements” (FP)
    • Form EntryId not available from the FormSavedEvent (FP)
    • Email notification is sent when deleting form response (FP
    • Form Response export does not strip invalid input (FP)
    • Form responses display wrong IP address when using SSL Offloading (FP)
    • Cannot set Description of form entry. "Invalid cast from 'System.String' to 'Telerik.Sitefinity.Model.Lstring'." (FP)
    • Form widget labels are not correctly populated in the exported form responses file (FP)

    Translations module

    • Cannot delete a translation item from Errors tab with status Receiving error (FP)

    Tags and Categories

    • Bulk edit of tags does not display successful message (FP)

    Warmup module

    • Warmup module does not work in Azure Web Apps (FP)

    MVC and Feather

    • Related Data: Performance improvements in Feather (Documentation)
    • MVC Login widget loses Url parameters after redirecting back to restricted Pages (FP)
    • MVC Navigation widget do not shows properly restricted page nodes. (FP)
    • Feather Script Sections not functioning properly with child templates (FP)
    • Feather Forms: RegEx Pattern attribute that is injected into the view does not get enclosed with "s - Invalid HTML (FP)
    • MVC Forms: Multiple Checkboxes don't render the Textbox associated to "Other" in the frontend.(FP
    • Missing page translation is displayed in MVC Navigation in default language and causes 404 on click (FP)
    • Cannot connect mailing list to MVC form (FP)


    • Can't create User via the Backend when the membership provider is set to ASP.NET SQL membership provider


    • Recycle bin: Actions menu cannot be expanded from the expand arrow
    • Mp4 videos cannot be played on Mac environment with Safari browser (FP)
    • Widget on a custom grid widget is not visible (FP)
    • Comments widget: Changes in the widget designer are not saved (FP)
    • Cannot change Success email template in Registration widget (FP)
    • Site selector widget language links for another site navigate to root url (FP)
    • Related data extensions API method GetItemsWithSameTaxons() generates too many SQL calls
    • Subscriber validation does not permit apostrophe (FP)
    • Tag url could be duplicated (FP)
    • Cannot remove all emails in form email textbox (FP)
    • IE: List > The checkbox for selecting a list item in the grid, cannot be checked in IE10 (FP)
    • External page selector doesn`t have url validation (FP)
    • Calendars list header in WebForms calendar is not localizable (FP)
    • Changing owner of a page as non administrator throws error (FP)
    • Address field: State is not passed in the full address (FP)
    • Revision history labels are not correct when the Item is unpublished. (FP)
    • RelatedMedia: Library tree doesn't show the folders for a library if the list of libraries is limited with TargetLibraryId (FP)
    • Modifying an existing custom field to be required does not apply css to error message (FP
    • File not found exception thrown by LibraryHttpHandler when custom 404 is set (FP
    • Customization of Password Recovery email subject: PasswordRecovery label is never used (FP)
    • String or binary data would be truncated error on sf_stat_sentence table (FP)
    • Changing Value doesn't work for built-in fields (FP)
    • Unable to configure Google Analytics for more than 50 sites
    • Security improvements

    Breaking changes 

    Pages API
    PageData has new property VariationTypeKey. This property’s value is used to differentiate personalization page variations from A/B test page variations. For personalization page variations, its value is “pers”, and for A/B testing page variations it is set to “abtest”. An upgrade script runs upon first start of Sitefinity 10.2 that sets “pers” value for all personalization page variations that has been created before the upgrade. 
    Removed properties, fields, etc

    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Configuration.LibrariesConfig.MediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Configuration.LibrariesConfig.UploadMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.EmbedControl.DefaultSilverlightEmbedStringTemplate 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.ThumbnailMediaPlayerDialog.MediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.Videos.MediaPlayerControl.MediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.Videos.MediaPlayerControl.SilverlightPlayerSkin 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.Videos.MediaPlayerControl.TemplatePath 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.Videos.ThumbnailMediaPlayerControl.MediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.Configuration.ConfigDescriptions.MediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.Configuration.ConfigDescriptions.UploadMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Fields.FileField.UploadMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Fields.ThumbnailField.MediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Pages.ScriptRef.Silverlight 

    Removed classes and enums 

    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Configuration.LibrariesFileUploadMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Configuration.LibrariesMediaPlayerMode 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.LibrariesRadUploadHandler 
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.Web.UI.Videos.ThumbnailControl 

    What's Deprecated

    • The old backend theme is deprecated, the Light theme is now the only option provided
    • Silverlight upload mode is deprecated - Sitefinity CMS now supports only HTML 5 upload module.This is the default upload mode selected since Sitefinity 7.0 release