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Remember Me not working

  • Remember Me not working
  • I reviewed this thread:  and it looks like a different issue.  When I go to the main page of the site, where the login widget is, it still doesn't remember me. 

    Do I have to program this or is this a bug?

  • Hello Tom Miller,

    When you check the  Remember Me  option of the ASP.NET Login control this generates a persistent cookie about your session. If you log in, then close the browser without logging out, and then reopen the browser you will still be logged in. If you click on logged out the cookie will be lost. Make sure that the browser does not clear all cookies and history on close. On a side note, i'd like to point out that the users will be logged out when they are inactive, if they are active the timer will always reset.

    1. The default expire timeout value for the "Remember me" is 2 hours.
    2.You can go to Administration->Settings->Advanced->Security- AuthCookieTimeout and change the default value.
    3. Sitefinity uses cookies to store the user current authentication. To increase the cookie expiration change the AuthCookieTimeout, BackendUsersSessionTimeout all users should be assigned the same cookie. For a testing purpose I set all timers to 1 minute and I was logged out after 1 minute of inactivity. Then I logged again and was browsing the site for about 2 minutes and the user was not logged out.

    I hope this helps, if any issues persist, please let us know.

    Best wishes,
    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
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  • If your program still don't remember you this is problem in program or in your registry.