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Redirect unauthenticated users to my own login page

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Redirect unauthenticated users to my own login page

  • Redirect unauthenticated users to my own login page
  • Hello,
    I have demo folder in my sitefinity app. Demo folder contains pdf files. I want to do something like when someone search pdf and click on it, user must be redirect to my custom login page instead ofsitefinity login page. I did the below code in web.config file and it works fine but i am redirecting tositefinity login page. I want to redirect users to my custom login page. Can any one suggest me the code or something help !! Here is the web.config code:

      <location path="doc">
            <allow users="Admin"/>
            <deny users="*"/>
            <!--Deny everyone else Admin role Users-->
  • Hi,

    Thank you for using our services!

    You can set permissions to the .pdf that shouldn't be visible for Anonymous users. Please take a look at this blog post,where we show how an Unauthorized event can be used in the Global.asax file.
    This event is fired, whenever a user that doesn't have permissions, is redirected to some page. I believe it will suit your scenario.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!

    Jen Peleva
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  • Jen,

    Thanks for reply. I am facing this issue from a week. I tried the post you given earlier also but every time it is redirecting me to sitefinity login page. Than i put debug point in global.asax file and saw in  global.asax that application_start event is not firing. How should i create custom authorization.!! As i mentioned earlier in my first question i put a piece of code in web.config. Is it the right way ??

    Another thing i tried is to create custom handler ihttphandler and it is working but only statik pdf links not for the pdfs that i uploaded from documents & files.!!

    I am asking for pdfs becuase i search pdfs with  search and search results widget and than if any user clicks on pdf link than he/she must be redirected to my custom login page.

    Please provide the solution asap.

    Thanks & Regards.