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Image Uploader Not Working on Production Server

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Image Uploader Not Working on Production Server

  • Image Uploader Not Working on Production Server
  • We are using Sitefinity 6.3 (but this also happens on 7.0)

    On our development machines, staging server and any other server for that matter, everything works fine. When we move to our cloud hosted live system, everything EXCEPCT the image/video up loader works.

    we can "add an image" i.e. it adds the name, a placeholder, but no data is actually uploaded.

    Through firebug, we get a javascript error  in line 2259

    function _kendoUploadSuccess(e)if(!e.response[0].UploadResult)alert(e.response[0].ErrorMessage);

    Of "e.response[0] is undefinedLine 2259"

    It looks to me that there is a problem actually uploading data :(

    We have spoken to our hosting provider, and to Telerick, we have followed every how to guide available, but still no resolution. If someone else has experienced this, any advice would be massively appreciated. 


  • Hi Hywel,

    I believe we have helped to resolve this issue in the support ticket you have opened.

    The issue was related to the authentication mode which was set to be claims-based under Administration -> Settings -> User Authentication. However in the web.config file it was set to Forms:

    <authentication mode="Forms" />

    After the authentication mode was changed to be also Forms in the backend, the issue with the images upload was resolved. You may refer to the following article for more details about the authentication model in Sitefinity.

    It is also important that when using Forms Authentication, the Anonymous Authentication and Forms Authentication should be enabled and all other authentications should be disabled in IIS. Please refer to the following article for additional information about configuring the IIS to host Sitefinity projects.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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