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Unable to Drag out Repeated Widgets on a Page

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Unable to Drag out Repeated Widgets on a Page

  • Unable to Drag out Repeated Widgets on a Page
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    Sitefinity version: 9.2
    Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox

    Problem: When we drag out a widget to a page, the widget is no longer available for a repeated drag-out. 

    Work-around: We need to refresh the page or exit out and re-enter to drag out a second widget.

    Inconvenience: While it's rare we have multiple news feeds on a page for example, it is common to have multiple content blocks. Therefore, this is really slowing down our content building of pages because we can have many content blocks (shared and unshared) on one page.

    Steps to Produce:
    1. Open a page.
    2. Drag out a content block to the page.
    3. Drag out a second content block to the page. (--you can't because it disappears from the toolbox).

    *See attached screencap.

    Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts on how to correct it?

    Your time and help is appreciated.

  • I should also note that a widget must be clicked on once in the toolbar prior to it being dragged onto the page. It's a bit of an odd behavior that the widget block cannot simply be dragged out on first click.
  • Are there script errors on the page after you do it?  I mean it certainly doesn't happen here or on a new project.


    To me this SCREAMS of the chrome bug that was fixed a few weeks back on an internal build.... but you say it happens in FF as well :/

  • There was a hotfix build issued I want to say like a month ago... so urgent it was retroactive back to I think 9.0.

    BASICALLY chrome released a new version and it broke something in the SF editor... so SF had to fix it and issue a patch.

    9000% sure updating to a version with that patch will fix you


  • 17fd551e-37c1-6deb-a958-ff0000446526_sc-console-errors.jpg

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your quick reply! You raise some good points. Attached is the console I see after the first drag out.

    I jumped too soon and did some more exploring on the work machines here. We're not entirely up-to-date on all browsers. Did more tests, now the dragging works on IE and Safari browsers. My Firefox here cannot be updated for some reason, so I am unsure if it works there. So you are right, this looks like a chrome thing?

  • Awesome, thanks so much Steve! This looks like the fix.

    I really appreciate your help. :)