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Sitefinity keeps asking to activate a valid license

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Sitefinity keeps asking to activate a valid license

  • Sitefinity keeps asking to activate a valid license
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    Hi there,

    We have 3x separate sites (2x Sitefinity Standard and 1x Small Business) which have started displaying the attached since Wednesday last week which makes us think that it may be related to a Windows Update/similar that was related. All of the sites have older (6.x, 8.x etc.) versions of Sitefinity running on them and have been running on those versions for months/years. There was no plan to upgrade them as in some cases the clients may be moving to another CMS, but it's our understanding that these older versions should run indefinitely. Reactivating them seems to remove the attached from being displayed, but only for a while and/or until the service/server is restarted.

    Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour? What can be done to make these older versions continue to run as is for now?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The problem happened because .Net framework 4.7 update.

    You can find more details in this article:

  • Hi

    I also have several customer sites that stopped working.

    All of them with a lower serial number that you provide a fix for. It might legaly correct to only publish such a bug fix for those versions of Sitefinity. But from a moral point of view this is really low level support, not worthy of the once so great Telerik support.

    I mean I paid for a valid, perpetual license that should stil be good. Now I'm left with either the choice to reverese engineer your code and try to come up with a fix myself, or using some other .NET version redirect hack.

    I'm sorry, but the help you give here is of no use for many of us. If at least the Framework Article would point out the faulty DLL or the .NET DLLs that cause the trouble, this would already help a bit.


  • Some questions:

    Is this MS or a Telerik Sitefinity bug?
    And what can we do with older sites?
    Is there no other work around then de-install? with mutilple apps on a server that is unacceptable.

  • This is ridiculous, I posted the same issue a month ago and have had no official response!!

    @telerik - you are really dropping the ball on this one!