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Images were removed automatically

  • Images were removed automatically
  • Hi all,

    I have encountered a major problem with my website.

    I have a widget with some fields, one of them is used to select image from library and store its id. The problem is, sometimes, image of that widget just get lost.

    When I edit the widget, the id of image was not removed so I think that someone just deleted the image from library. But this happened again and again on live site and staging site.

    I have checked all log files but found nothing.  Then I search for the image in library by its name and surprise that the image still be there.  So I check database and found out that the id of the image has been changed to a new id. It means the image was not removed, but its id has been changed and the widget cannot get image data any more.

    Does anyone know how to stop it. I would be most grateful if anyone is able to help.

    Best regards,

    Hanh Dang