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Auto-generation of CSV file for use of another system


Auto-generation of CSV file for use of another system

  • I have to create a feature where in the certain records needed to be put in a CSV file and then the CSV file is sent to another system for processing. This should be done periodically and programmatically. In the same manner, there should be a feature for Rollbase to accept CSV files programmatically and process the file's contents. How will this be done in Rollbase?
  • The first part is doable: create Batch Job which will periodically generate and email a template-based report.

    We currently do not accept files programmatically. However this can be done as software enhancement. What protocol you have in mind for such uploads/downloads? Can you write a short requirements document?
  • Perhaps we can extend our REST API and accept CSV files to create or update records the same way we do with "real" CSV files. Please take a look how CSV upload works now.
  • I'm more inclined to have a REST API that will accept CSV file. Is this easy to do?
  • Everything is easy with Rollbase, we're doing job with a smile...

    I will put this on my plate and let you know as soon as its done. You'll need to prepare Data Map to convert your CSV import into new records.
  • Alright. Will do this now :)
  • BTW, batch jobs which will be sent via email is not the requirement. The requirements was that the CSV will be dumped to a location/folder
  • I don't know how remote file (essentially HTTP request) can be dumped into location/folder. Which local client will do the job? What are authentication/security issues?
  • Good point; i haven't actually thought of that. Anyhow, I'll check what's on our plate and will let you know ASAP. Thanks!
  • We can do FTP upload to remote server the same way we do System backup batch job.
  • I just deployed new REST API which allows uploading CSV file and works the same way as CSV import. Please check out updated documentation.
  • Thanks... I'll study how this should work and will give you feedback.
  • I tried the API and since there is no provision for CSV file, I was expecting an error. However, the error was Unknown API.
  • This API available for POST requests. Using browser you're making GET requests. That's why you're getting "Unknown API" message.