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Zip and Download Attachments


Zip and Download Attachments

  • Dear RB Gurus

    I have a query related to downloading the attachments...

    Well assuming that I have couple of attachments of a user under documents Object.. I would like to select couple of documents which I would like to download as single zip file.

    So as a USER I will have to do list of operations as below 

    1. Select List of Documents 
    2. Select Download 
    3. System Asks for FileName of the ZIPPED file
    4. User enters the details and on SUBMIT
    5. System compresses all the selected files and DOWNLOADS it to DESKTOP

    Can some gurus shred some light on my query please 

  • any one who can please provide me some help in here

  • Sorry for the delay. I have pinged some internal resources and I'm confident someone will jump in.

  • Hi -

    We do not support this out of the box in the product. Please post this on our enhancements section .