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How do you make a customized action


How do you make a customized action

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Hi , I need to make a customized action in this menu called pay

I tried checking out the permissions but I really dont think its in permissions

Here is the picture below of the actions section for reference.

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  • Hi,

    I understand that you would like to add a new action on the Actions list, I'm checking on the way if it could be possible.

    however, this can be achieved by adding a new column/field which could trigger a script.

    Could you please explain what particular action that you are trying to achieve on this record so that I can understand this in a better way.


  • Hi Makumar ,

    Thanks for answering. Im trying to link a create  page to another object called Receipt  an action ? With what you just suggested, is it possible to make a button in a column linked to a page? : )

  • Thanks for the information.

    Hopefully this should be possible, I will check and let you know.

    Is it fine with you?



  • Yes it's fine. Thank you very much