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  • The ability to control the Rollbase "Save", "Save&New" button...

    • Coming Soon
    What we need are config parameters probably on the page designer to Show Hide Buttons Provide Custom Labels Possibly Reorder Buttons Scripting is both difficult and can easily be broken when rollbase versions are updated. David Dubois...
  • Chat functionality

    Is their a plan to enable a chat functionality? I think it would be a nice feature since we already see a list of users that are online.
  • Create COMMLOG even when outgoing email fails

    We use email out of Rollbase to mass notify our customers for service outages, case creation, status updates, etc. However, we have ongoing concerns about it's reliability as we periodically run into email failures originating from Rollbase. The only...
  • Default time for Date/Time and Time fields

    • Coming Soon
    Although the Date and Date/Time fields have the option to set a default of 'Current Date plus # days' this defaults the time to 12:00 AM for Date/Time fields and Time fields don't have a default option at all. Ideally we should have multiple...
  • Need ability to swap out uploaded file without URL changing

    We had a situation arise recently where our Marketing department sent an email out to all of our customers but then realized a link they provided in an email points to the wrong document. Instead of sending out a retraction email to all of our customers...
  • Creating Views for recycle Bin

    • Under Review
    Hi Team, if we have Views for Recycle Bin,it will be great helpful for the users select the Records based on conditions and restore them. And here is my Community question ::
  • Allow Changing Send From Address for Emails per Trigger/Send

    • Under Review
    Presently, each customer instance allows a default send from email address and the system plugs in the current user's name. I would like to request the ability to define the Send From option per trigger and when sending using the "Send"...
  • Allow multiple page layouts for same object and user profile

    I want to be able to have multiple page layouts for a single object and user profile. For example, I have a project object maintaining both defects and mods. I have fields unique to defects and other fields unique to mods. When I select a defect project...
  • Allow users to take full advantage of their Fusion Charts license.

    • Under Review
    Rollbase Private Cloud customers purchase a full license to Fusion Charts, yet Rollbase only takes advantage of a small fraction of the charts the Fusion Charts provides. It would be nice if we could incorporate more of what Fusion Charts has to offer...
  • Create an installation verification method/tool for schema

    We have endured at least two Rollbase releases over the last six months where a schema update was not made or not completed correctly. As a result it caused many seemingly unrelated problems in Rollbase. Ideally, it would be a tremendous help if Progress...