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  • Cancelling a Trigger

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could cancel the triggers that were started using the "Run Triggers" option under the Triggers menu for an object. Full details are mentioned here:
  • Have an equivalent to rbf_getPage in rbv_api server-side formulas

    Hello, The rbf_getPage AJAX function from the Client-side functions is very useful. However, in certain cases, we would like to do the same in triggers or server-side formulas. There are no equivalent in rbv_api functions (server-side functions)....
  • Pass the viewid as a querystring parameter in a URL to call a specific app, tab,...

    I would like to be able to email a link to a object record list page and pre-populate the named view via a querystring parameter such as: ....../m/main.jsp?pageId=92043725&tabId=92052492&appId=92052507&viewId=106191737. Currently this URL...
  • HTTP Post Trigger - Template Tokens in Url

    • Under Review
    The HTTP Post trigger feels slightly underimplemented without at least the ability to put template tokens in the url. For example, we have customer-specific integration urls' because some of them are on different versions of the software. Also, we...
  • Need ability to swap out uploaded file without URL changing

    We had a situation arise recently where our Marketing department sent an email out to all of our customers but then realized a link they provided in an email points to the wrong document. Instead of sending out a retraction email to all of our customers...
  • Allow the ability to override the FROM name/address when sending email

    We have situations where a user needs to send an email out on behalf of another user (or a generic company email address) so that the email appears to carry more weight to the person receiving the email or look more professional. For example, instead...
  • Allow Changing Send From Address for Emails per Trigger/Send

    • Under Review
    Presently, each customer instance allows a default send from email address and the system plugs in the current user's name. I would like to request the ability to define the Send From option per trigger and when sending using the "Send"...
  • Creating Views for recycle Bin

    • Under Review
    Hi Team, if we have Views for Recycle Bin,it will be great helpful for the users select the Records based on conditions and restore them. And here is my Community question ::
  • Error Message to be displayed below the DOM element always

    • Under Review
    Hello, I have noticed that the unique field combination trigger and required fields show the error messages below the field itself on form submission whereas the validation trigger shows the error message on the top right. It would be great if we could...
  • Allow multiple page layouts for same object and user profile

    I want to be able to have multiple page layouts for a single object and user profile. For example, I have a project object maintaining both defects and mods. I have fields unique to defects and other fields unique to mods. When I select a defect project...