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  • Add offline capabilities to Rollbase

    More and more people are looking for (web)apps with full offline functionality. Customers with Field Service Engineers i.e. don't have access to the internet all the time. This article describes multiple scenario's for adding offline functionality...
  • Improve Rollbase Reporting by Allowing More Than 3 Total Fields

    • Under Review
    Rollbase reporting will currently allow users to include Totals and subtotals for up to 3 fields. We are constantly running into situations in our applications where being the ability to total on a greater number of fields would be incredibly beneficial...
  • Add a note/message text field to field, trigger, etc to describe its purpose

    With multiple administrators in Rollbase, it would help greatly if there was a field we could use for internal admin-only notes on each field, trigger, batch job, etc where we can document what the field/trigger/job does, why it was created, etc. There...
  • Add the ability to edit the Forgot Password email template for portals

    Progress has just confirmed to me that it is not currently possible to edit the email template that is used when a user selected the Forgot Password link on the login page of portals in Rollbase. This is apparently hard-coded. Please treat this template...
  • Allow Filtering and searching on Textarea fields

    Hello, It is currently not possible to use text area fields in detailed search or in view filters. It is possible to search on almost every type of field but this one. Could Rollbase make textarea fields possible "searchable" fields? ...
  • Change Button Text - Attach and New

    • Under Review
    It would be great if we could have the ability to change the text on the Attach and New buttons available to us in Rollbase.
  • Create an API for setting the landing page per user / role

    It can be useful to have a different landing page set than the initial landing page (i.e. welcome page of some sort, which should only be shown once). At this point there is a possibility to set a landing page per role and per user either from the backoffice...
  • Don't allow a view to be deleted if used in code or on a page layout

    Currently we can't tell that a view is referenced as a filter on a picklist in a page layout or anywhere else in code until after we delete it and then are presented with errors and then there is no way to recover. Can you either stop a view from...
  • General URL Redirection Support

    • Under Review
    Normally a redirection after the Workflow Action is done, redirection after the user hit the Save or Cancel button on some pages, and etc. This redirection can be to one of the pages (given proper parameters) of the application or external website. -...
  • Configurable Margin in PDF Templates

    • Under Review
    We have a major blocker in one of our projects because we cannot completely replicate most of their templates. Their templates have minimal margin sizes and Rollbase has no way to adjust the margin size. Thus, it's currently impossible to give what...