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  • Modify Search to allow modification of original search criteria (add a separate Advanced...

    Hello, When you start a Detailed Search, you are presented with a button "Modify Search" this takes you to an advanced type of filter, I was expecting it to return me back to the original search so I could quickly change my criteria. Please...
  • [V4.5.2] - Ability to permanently delete a record using the API

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could have the option of permanently deleting the record by adding an extra parameter to the API call (permanentlyDelete can be 'true' or 'false'). Eg: rbf_deleteRecord("objname", 12345, permanentlyDelete...
  • Rollbase Code Generation should offer ABL templates

    • Under Review
    In Rollbase under "Setup >> Application Setup >> Code Generator" there are pre-defined templates for Java and PHP. Progress should have ABL templates that would allow ABL code to access the API for Objects.
  • View details in Calendar 'Agenda'

    A nice to have... Within the 'Agenda' view to be able to double click on an Event, Task etc. and popup it's full details - like what is available from the 'Day', 'Work Week', 'Week' and 'Month' tabs. Regards...
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Skin

    May I suggest you extend the Bootstrap theme to the TinyMCE editor?
  • Setting Template Permissions [4.5]

    If a user role is given view permissions for templates, it gives those users full access to all templates created under that object. Can there be some added functionality that will give admins more control over how these permissions are used? Here's...
  • On the Calendar Day view to be able to create: Activity, History, Meeting

    Hello, Please consider offering functionality to allow double clicking in a time slot on the Day view to start the creation of an: Activity, Meeting, etc. This is possible within the 'Work Week' and 'Week' views. Regards -- Ch...
  • Allow Base Currency Value to be Dynamically Changed

    • Under Review
    We have an application that uses the mutli-currency option to normalize financial data coming from many different countries. During our build process, it was brought up to be able to have multiple users with multiple base currencies all in a single tenant...
  • Allow number of filters to be customized by page

    • Under Review
    For some of our objects, we require a large amount of filters to get an expression that can handle the data filtering we need. Right now, the number of filters is controlled in the shared properties file. We would like to maintain the same number for...
  • modify the Portal role to allow a user to ASSIGN a role to a portal.

    The issue is I have multiple types of users accessing data externally and since there is only 1 portal role, the access shares data but have different requirements. Even building 2 separate portals, I cannot prevent the access needed.