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  • Lookup-filter ->"sql-where"

    We need a better solution to attach dynamically lookup-filters. Could we get a script with a returning "SQL-Where" to filter a lookup. The filter have to have the same function on both picklist and selectors.
  • Rollbase - Edit/Delete button permission by state

    • Complete
    Hi, I would like suggest features for next versions of Rollbase. I would like the edit and delete button will be disable or enable function of permissions and workflow state. I don't know if is possible today. If is true, thank you for letting...
  • Allow admins to display more than 30 characters of a URL field on a view page la...

    Currently, it appears Rollbase will not display more than 30 characters of data stored in a URL field type on a view page layout. I have defined the field to be 99 characters wide, but this only seems to affect the New and Edit page layouts. The View...
  • Add option from 'Edit Field' page to 'New Field' page

    • Under Review
    The "This field allows inline editing from view pages by clicking on icon" option is only available when editing a field after it's creation. Could this option also be added to the "New Field" setup page?
  • Ability to view and update application data

    • Under Review
    Provide an ability to read and update the data using SQL queries. At this moment, I believe this can be done only using datadirect cloud with additional subscription fees, however the rollbase user should have access to the application data without buying...
  • Need to enforce record locking for workflow actions

    We have a workflow action on our Case object titled "Take Ownership". The Take Ownership workflow action can act against one or more case records and it immediately sets the Owner field to the current user on affected case records. The workflow...
  • Ability to add custom buttons into html on the grid pages

    • Under Review
    It would be good if there was an ability to add custom buttons to any html block on the list pages. The existing page editor strips most of attributes of the html tags, e.g. 'onclick', etc. It would be useful for adding buttons with a custom...
  • better, faster way to test code for portal pages

    • Under Review
    In working on code for portal pages, particularly when working with AJAX calls and callback functions, the only way to test out changes is to edit the page, edit the script component, then save out of both, all of which adds at least 30 seconds to what...
  • Batch mode adding of objects from external databases

    At this moment it's only possible to create Rollbase external objects 1-by-1 from an external database. A certain use case of Rollbase is creating a database viewer / CRUD application on top of legacy databases. It would be nice to be able to add...
  • Having records selectable in lookup fields after record names removed from View.

    Hello, Summary of the enhancement: Enhancement: Request for making record available in look-up even after the record names removed from View. 1. The nature of the enhancement required specifying what should be changed or implemented. Making record...