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  • Add Ability to run multiple batch jobs simultaneously for private cloud users

    • Complete
    We are a Rollbase Private Cloud customer with over 60 live, active Tenant zones. The ability to run only a single batch job at a time across all of our tenants is absolutely crippling. We commonly have multiple long imports running that prevent shorter...
  • Add trigger and workflow calls to the REST API

    • Complete
    Currently it's not possible to call workflow actions and triggers via the Rest Api. It is possible to work around the trigger problem (explained below). Because a workaround is possible it's also possible to simulate workflow actions. However...
  • Workflow / Approval enhancements

    Approver / actor is now only user-based: add role-based / function-based approval Create an API for starting an approval / workflow with a list of actors/approvers (function groups/roles/users) Return value of approval is now always $APPROVED; enable...
  • Automatically Select Approver

    • Under Review
    I'm using the Rollbase Approval function to approve a record. What I want to accomplish is making Rollbase automatically select approver, so I want to skip the 'Select Approver' page, otherwise a customer can select another colleague to...
  • Improve Rollbase Reporting by Allowing More Than 3 Total Fields

    • Under Review
    Rollbase reporting will currently allow users to include Totals and subtotals for up to 3 fields. We are constantly running into situations in our applications where being the ability to total on a greater number of fields would be incredibly beneficial...
  • bulkCreateUpdate can't handle empty values properly

    • Under Review
    Hello, When we use the bulkCreateUpdate webservice we see that empty values in the csv are not updated in Rollbase. When we use the same csv to import within Rollbase, there is an option " Treat empty spreadsheet cells as NULL values for updated...
  • Add centralized code repository for each tenant to tie in a third-party IDE for ...

    Coming off of Salesforce, they had a really good system where admins could use a third party IDE, such as Eclipse, to connect to an org where code (ie triggers, validation rules, etc.) could be accessed, created, or edited. In the IDE you'd see a...
  • CALENDAR should have option to display weeks starting on Monday

    • Complete
    In countries like Germany and the Netherlands, end-users like to see calendars with the week starting on Monday (i.e. columns would be Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Friday, Sat, Sun). 1. There shouuld be a way that the Calendar in Rollbase would show...
  • It would be good to see specific users in the Calendar

    Currently in the Calendar you can filter on "Only Me" or "Any User". It would be very handy to be abple filter on a specific-named user Thanks. Richard Walsh
  • Implement feedback mechanism

    It would be nice to have a way to collect feedback about Rollbase applications. Like the feedback mechanism we have in Telerik Platform that takes a screenshot, allows you to specify even further on that screenshot and allows you to add comments. A...