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  • Method for setting (multiple) values of a lookup field client-side.

    • Under Review
    Right now it isn't possible to set (multiple) values of a lookup field client-side. rbf_setFieldValue() does not work for lookup fields and with the undocumented rbf_selectObject function, you can set only one value of a lookup field. Would be great...
  • Add interface to enhance search accuracy

    • Under Review
    Currently, the search engine for Rollbase is not customizable and the way it ranks results is not always helpful. We'd like an interface in to the search engine so we can apply a rank on search results. An example would be as follows. Bob Ross is...
  • Special characters in search function

    We would like to have the search function to support special characters. See example below. This can be achieved by the using the suggestion of Anoop: We use Apache Lucene internally to do search. Our implementation uses StandardAnalyzer and KeywordAnalyzer...
  • Usage of multiple conditions as a filter for rbf_setLookupFilter.

    • Under Review
    rbf_setLookupFilter() doesn't allow multiple filters to be used in filtering the lookup selector. It would be great to use multiple filters for filtering the lookup selector.
  • Secure Transfer for FTP!

    We learned today that the FTP connection used in batch jobs is unsecure. This was disappointing, as I believe it would be standard practices for most companies to transfer their data in a secure fashion. In this case, SFTP or FTPS would have been acceptable...
  • Add offline capabilities to Rollbase

    More and more people are looking for (web)apps with full offline functionality. Customers with Field Service Engineers i.e. don't have access to the internet all the time. This article describes multiple scenario's for adding offline functionality...
  • Improvements on the Grid Control component

    Hello Rollbase team, Could it be considered in the future to improve the grid control component? We'd really enjoy having : Filtering Grouping More sorting fields Basically, we'd like to have as much we have in views. Thanks...
  • Ability to extend the JavaScript API

    • Under Review
    We recommend that it would be valueable and good for code-efficiency and de-duplication if we could extend the JavaScript API. For exmaple, to add new functions or override existent functions. Plus this would make it easier for us to integrate 3rd...
  • Need Workflow, Delete and other buttons available for a Mobile enabled application...

    When I set an application to be Mobile Enabled and run it from a mobile phone, only the Edit button is available from the view page of a record. I'd like to be able to act on Workflow button on that object for approvals, workflow status changes, deletes...
  • Set section default collapsed or not collapsed

    • Under Review
    I'd like to be able to load a section collapsed, without having to collapse it with rbf_setSectionCollapse() on load.