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  • Report across objects and display as flat data

    Without record types and dependent picklists based on record type, we are being forced to move to more objects. With more objects we have a growing need to be able to query and report across them easily. Having fields from each object display on child...
  • Multi-language limitations

    Hello, Rollbase natively allows to work on a "multi-language" environment. To do this, you have to set the customer zone to have access to both "French" and "English" for instance and set French to be the default language...
  • Preview on HTML and Javascript Reports

    Hey guys! maybe you can provide a way to Preview a Report when creating an HTML or JavaScript report without leaving the edit screen. When the user clicks on Preview, it will show the first 10 or so records, and still can edit the report. That way...
  • Redirection after clicking Save

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be nice to have the ability to specify the return page of any given page (after clicking Save). As an example, let's say we want to redirect the Mass Update page (after Save) to the view page of another object instead of the list...
  • Hiding parent table elements on rbf_showOrHideSection()

    • Under Review
    I have a page with about 10 sections, when I hide 9 of them I get a big empty area because of all the table rows that contain those sections. I think it'd be nice if I could hide those as well.
  • Sort Views alphabetically for the current user

    I want to have all my views sorted alphabetically instead of in the order in which the views are created. When you have an object like cases or projects with dozens of views, it gets unmanageable without having them sorted alphabetically unless you give...
  • Add a tab when a new relationship is created

    • Under Review
    Hello, I just came across this scenario and thought it would be a good idea to have this functionality built-in from Rollbase. If the design of the view page of an objects record uses the option of "Enable Tabs" and a new relationship gets...
  • Add an option to allow grouped items to be expanded or collapsed

    • Under Review
    Hello, In a related list view we have the option of grouping items in the view settings and if we group items by a particular field, it would be great if we could have an additional checkbox in the view settings that would allow the user to expand or...
  • Trigger to update Workflow

    • Under Review
    We are using multiple Workflow processes on Objects in order to break them down into relevant use cases for various uses of the same Object. What we could do with is a specific Trigger to change the Workflow process. Should be simple enough for you...
  • Action URL's (e.g., Cancel Job) should redirect to Safe Url

    • Under Review
    There are some URL's that have side effects on the system, for example cancelling a job. When you perform the action, it is ok that the action is done via GET... however, if it is an action on the system that has active effects, the browser should...