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  • Ability to access forumula and related fields in JSDO

    • Coming Soon
    Any field defined as either formula or related field do not contain values in JSDO. This is hindering the development of mobile apps using JSDO as the values from these fields are necessary to display on the app. Without this feature, a very complex code...
  • "Working with Before Update" trigger on attach/detach action in record...

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could have the option of "Working with Before Update" trigger on attach/detach action in record details page. Cheers. Iram
  • Field Labels for Portal Pages

    The concept of portals is to expose the functions to external users or customers. Hence the need to label the fields in such a way the audience can relate to. For Example, I want to expose the form which can capture enquiry as a Lead record. When I...
  • Allow multiple sessions for REST API users

    There are third party applications that integrates to Rollbase and relies heavily on REST APIs. Unfortunately, most of the time, the sessions are terminated because the platform does not allow multiple sessions for an API user. Because of this, the results...
  • Add a "Current Day" indicator to the Calendar.

    • Under Review
    Hi Guys, Most online calendars indicate the selected date and also the current day...could your calendar do the same? maybe just a very light border around the current day or something.... see samples. (copied from Post:
  • Extra lookup functionality

    • Under Review
    I would love to see extra options for the single selector lookup: - See the value of a single value picker inside the field instead of below it - Option to see of a related object or field besides the button. It would look something like this ...
  • Allow Rollbase rbf_isChecked() function to work on the View Pages

    • Under Review
    Hello, I am trying to get the value of my checkbox on the view page of my record using rbf_isChecked() and every time I try to get the value whether it is checked or unchecked it comes back with a false or 0 value. I have added the link where this issue...
  • Currency (Decimal and Percent) Field definition to offer right alignment

    Hi, It would be great to be able to choose the alignment of Currency amounts on the grid view from the Field definition. Please would you consider offering: Left (the possible default), Right and Center for Currency, Decimal and Percent types? This...
  • Get Page Tab Index

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be a good idea to have a function called "rbf_getPageTabIndex(tabName)" that takes in the name of the tab and returns the index of that tab. Full details mentioned here:
  • Preview on HTML and Javascript Reports

    Hey guys! maybe you can provide a way to Preview a Report when creating an HTML or JavaScript report without leaving the edit screen. When the user clicks on Preview, it will show the first 10 or so records, and still can edit the report. That way...