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  • Ability to jump to "Page properties" when designing form

    • Under Review
    When designing a form you don't have a direct path to go to "Page properties". Instead you have to close the form, go to the object definition, go to the Pages section and there click on Properties for a chosen page. It would be great...
  • OpenEdge Service Objects Improvements

    Enable all cardinalities between Rollbase native objects and OpenEdge Service objects Enable lookup fields in grid controls to OpenEdge Service Objects Currency fields (Rollbase) to decimal fields (OpenEdge) / Semantic types?
  • Create field-level help exclusively for use in portal

    Currently, the Field-Level Help defined on a field is visible in both the internal Rollbase apps and our customer portals. There are situations where we need to expose a field to the portal, but our customers should not see the internal note placed in...
  • Extra lookup functionality

    • Under Review
    I would love to see extra options for the single selector lookup: - See the value of a single value picker inside the field instead of below it - Option to see of a related object or field besides the button. It would look something like this ...
  • Filter improvements

    • Under Review
    Currently the filter functionality in a list view is not very user friendly. The current filtering UI is far from modern user interfaces. Filters can't be saved. After applying the filter, the whole filter group box remains visible in the screen and...
  • Attach multiple seed records at once to an application

    Hello, Right now, we can attach "Seed records" to an application so that records are shipped with the application when installing it to another customer. To attach Seed records, we have to click them one by one, which can be a very long and...
  • Unset File Upload

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be a nice feature to have a method to unsetFileUpload similarly to the one setting the file (similarly as the setBinaryFieldValue) to remove a field upload field or empty it. It is now achievable using rbv_api.setFieldValue("testFileUpload"...
  • Multi-language limitations

    Hello, Rollbase natively allows to work on a "multi-language" environment. To do this, you have to set the customer zone to have access to both "French" and "English" for instance and set French to be the default language...
  • Report across objects and display as flat data

    Without record types and dependent picklists based on record type, we are being forced to move to more objects. With more objects we have a growing need to be able to query and report across them easily. Having fields from each object display on child...
  • Currency (Decimal and Percent) Field definition to offer right alignment

    Hi, It would be great to be able to choose the alignment of Currency amounts on the grid view from the Field definition. Please would you consider offering: Left (the possible default), Right and Center for Currency, Decimal and Percent types? This...