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  • Select and clear all seed records on all pages

    Attaching seed records: unfortunately we can only select 20 seed records at once. We would like to select all records in the view (example of the needed functionality is select functionality 'On all pages' and 'Clear all' in recordlist...
  • Action URL's (e.g., Cancel Job) should redirect to Safe Url

    • Under Review
    There are some URL's that have side effects on the system, for example cancelling a job. When you perform the action, it is ok that the action is done via GET... however, if it is an action on the system that has active effects, the browser should...
  • Relationship Fields should default to lookup contains

    Wen a field is auto-created through the creation of a relationship, the lookup defaults to "Starts with". Most people use the "Contains" as a default and it ends up needing to be changed for two fields after every relationship s created...
  • Sort Views alphabetically for the current user

    I want to have all my views sorted alphabetically instead of in the order in which the views are created. When you have an object like cases or projects with dozens of views, it gets unmanageable without having them sorted alphabetically unless you give...
  • Add a tab when a new relationship is created

    • Under Review
    Hello, I just came across this scenario and thought it would be a good idea to have this functionality built-in from Rollbase. If the design of the view page of an objects record uses the option of "Enable Tabs" and a new relationship gets...
  • Add ability to mass delete views, templates, reports, etc.

    When an employee leaves the company, they may leave behind a number of views, reports, email templates, etc. These have to be deleted one at a time by an admin (and each delete takes 3 mouse clicks to delete just one report, view, etc. from selecting...
  • Display group actions as button above grid

    I have a workflow action which is a group action. Because the action is somewhat "hidden" under the button with the 3 dots, I would like to display it on the same level as the other buttons above the grid. Because users do not tend to press...
  • Filter in Recycle Bin

    • Under Review
    I'd like manage data Recycle Bin. View or purge record by users, object etc.
  • Create non-GUI Rollbase installer

    • Under Review
    The only way to install Rollbase w/ PAS is to install with GUI. We cannot install PAS version of Rollbase in our private cloud (Amazon AWS) environment if it mandates a GUI.
  • Create pages for multiple (related) objects

    There's a one on one relation between a page and an object at this moment. It can be very helpful to create pages with fields from multiple objects on it. At this moment I can only select fields from the object itself on my page editor, while it...