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  • Allow views to be used as filter criteria for lookup fields on a detail search f...

    When adding a lookup field to a detailed search form, I would like to filter the available records in the list of search options for that lookup field based on a pre-defined view. Without it, the detailed search for is not customizable without allot of...
  • Add a means of warning Rollbase users their session is about to time out

    This was posted by Tom Callen in the 'Community' group instead of 'Rollbase' :
  • Make collapsed sections visually obvious

    Many of our users do not immediately realize that a section has been collapsed (especially if they unknowingly click on the section to collapse it). They then think that the section simply contains no data/fields. Visually there are no good indicators...
  • Tagging records - should allow inline edit option

    Hello, The Tags field doesn't currently have the option "This field allows inline editing from view pages by clicking on icon". Please consider adding this support as it is not always desirable to place the Tags field on an Edit Page...
  • Color code in reports

    In views we can set color code to rows if some condition is met. Can we same kind of feature in reports too. Thanks, Naresh
  • Remove "caret" (menu dropdown arrow) from active tab when a tab has no...

    • Under Review
    When clicking on a tab it becomes active and then displays an arrow on which you can click so a menu will open. But when the tab has no menu items, the arrow will still be shown.
  • View Functionality Improvements

    Views 1) Ability to dynamically add a column (right click, add column) without having to go into Edit View 2) Allow sorting, grouping, and filtering on formulas, lookups, text fields or related fields 3) Allow more than one level of grouping....
  • Enable menu drop down for every tab on mouse over

    • Under Review
    It would be nice and quick to access menu's if it display on mouseover on tabs. Currently we have click and make active a tab to access its menu contents.
  • AJAX/SOAP API - Leave out fields not requested

    • Under Review
    Both the AJAX and SOAP API have an inefficiency where they try to read all fields from the database even if you only want a couple of them. This leads to performance issues when you have a lot of complex formula columns, because they all get calculated...
  • Add filters above field names in List views

    The filtering available in List Views seems comprehensive. However in day-to-day operations most businesses are usually trying to select a record based on fields in the list. The above arrangement works very well. There is a filter box above (optionally...