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  • Create an installation verification method/tool for schema

    We have endured at least two Rollbase releases over the last six months where a schema update was not made or not completed correctly. As a result it caused many seemingly unrelated problems in Rollbase. Ideally, it would be a tremendous help if Progress...
  • Rollbase Calendar: Change color marker and add text

    When creating an event, it would be nice to be able to change the color bar in the calendar entry. Right now you can't change the text that is in the calendar entry, it would be nice to be able to choose the text that you want in the calendar entry...
  • Allow the ability to override the FROM name/address when sending email

    We have situations where a user needs to send an email out on behalf of another user (or a generic company email address) so that the email appears to carry more weight to the person receiving the email or look more professional. For example, instead...
  • Full Listing of Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Change Log for Releases

    • Under Review
    Please provide a full listing of all changes including bug fixes and enhancements in each release. We've noticed some things have been left out in the notes only to inquire about them and have support reply that the item was fixed but just wasn't...
  • Maximize script component based on screen size

    • Under Review
    Hello, Currently there is a maximize button that maximizes the script component to the default width and height and then I manually drag the corners/sides to get to the script component size I require. It would be great if the "Maximize" button...
  • [4.2] - "Go to top" button on the Object Definition page

    • Coming Soon
    Hello, It would be great to have a button that navigates to the topmost part of the page when we have scrolled a bit/all the way to the bottom because scrolling takes a lot of time on the object definition page if we need to move back and forth. Please...
  • Enable menu drop down for every tab on mouse over

    • Under Review
    It would be nice and quick to access menu's if it display on mouseover on tabs. Currently we have click and make active a tab to access its menu contents.
  • AJAX/SOAP API - Leave out fields not requested

    • Under Review
    Both the AJAX and SOAP API have an inefficiency where they try to read all fields from the database even if you only want a couple of them. This leads to performance issues when you have a lot of complex formula columns, because they all get calculated...
  • Social

    A packaged Social app like Longjump's Relay, things like Activity Stream and Follow a record.
  • Better handling of Workflow Action conditions

    We may be using a couple of workflow actions beyond the way they were originally intended, but we have set up a method by which people can close a case from a link sent to them in an email. This link is the URL to workflow action (which uses a status...