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  • Service Pack Release notes should list products that require application of this...

    Enhance the Service Pack and HotFix Release Notes. It should include a kind of “related OpenEdge product and features” list. For example: “This Service Pack addresses issues of OpenEdge Enterprise RDBMS, Auditing, Progress Developer...
  • Have more options to config oebpm in the installer

    • Under Review
    In the new OE release, can we have some options to config the hostname, portal admin username, portal admin password and sbm webapp name in the installer? Please see following support calls: https...
  • Using different JDK/JRE for AdminService

    Since JDK is installed with OpenEdge, $DLC/bin/java_env always use this specific Java version. But as the JDK shipped with OpenEdge 11.5 for example is 1.7.0_45 which suffers from several problems, I would like to start the AdminService with the latest...
  • Make maxservrinstance in dynamic field

    We control license codes via the maxserverinstance entry within the file. This entry currently is not dynamic, which leads us to have to stop/start the broker for the license code change. Currently with the stop/start method to applying...
  • SonicMQ Adapter Enhanced Logging

    The sonicmq adapter logging for the server is insufficient. The broker has proper logging so you can set the number of logfiles, the size of the logfile, etc. However, for the server all you have is Log Filename, Logging Level and Append To LogFile. As...
  • LENGTH( rawValue) should default to LENGTH( rawValue, "RAW")

    • Under Review
    The subject line pretty much sums it up. It turns out that taking the LENGTH of a raw variable will give you different results, depending upon your code page. Is there a reason for this?
  • Improve PDSOE Publishing

    These are meant to address the speed at which development can occur with an ABL Web App project, primarily, but could also be applied to Data Object project that also utilize the Publish action for moving code to a Tomcat server. Currently there is a...
  • RedHat 7 support for Azure

    Subject says it, but newest Redhat version support for azure would be great.
  • Oracle Virtual Manager (OVM).

    Good afternoon, Progress could endorse Oracle virtualization platform, Oracle Virtual Manager (OVM). Our environment is solaris and we are interested in virtualizing. Thank you.
  • No Anti-Reversing/Anti-Debugging Techniques on prowin32.exe

    Would like anti-reversing/anti-debugging techniques added to prowin32.exe.