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  • Using different JDK/JRE for AdminService

    Since JDK is installed with OpenEdge, $DLC/bin/java_env always use this specific Java version. But as the JDK shipped with OpenEdge 11.5 for example is 1.7.0_45 which suffers from several problems, I would like to start the AdminService with the latest...
  • Enforce Data Execution Prevention on shipped .dll's

    Some .dll's shipped with OpenEdge do not have DEP enabled. Would like to have DEP enabled on all .dll's shipped with OpenEdge.
  • Proactive Strategy for Data Execution Prevention in Windows

    • Under Review
    After weeks of struggling with an obscure OE bug in Windows (that never affected us on HP-UX) I opened a support case and discovered that Progress doesn't even support the default configuration of a certain Windows feature (Data Execution Prevention...
  • provide feature to create an .msi installer

    Provide the means to create a custom .msi file, which includes the AP’s 3 rd party products and OpenEdge products such as Client Networking. Being able to create your own .msi is preferred over providing a merge module.
  • Please integrate OE Management with LDAP/AD

    I have been an openedge management user since version 1. The most annoying piece of the product is user management. I have multiple servers to deal with and every time we hired a new developer/admin, I would have to set up an account for them on multiple...
  • provide an automatic installation configured by a parameter or configuration fil...

    Automatic installation by virtue of “silent install” and a “response” file is just a workaround for an automatic installation, that can be controlled by a configuration file (e. g. an xml file). Working with the response file syntax...
  • add debug symbols .pdb files to default installation

    Install (by default) the core dump symbols .pdb files. (product install, Service Pack, patch)
  • Ease In-Place Progress Product updates

    Provide an installer which allows to update an installed OpenEdge product in-place, i. e. without the need to manually de-install and to re-apply the configuration. It should figure the installation details itself (i. g. DLC directory).
  • Command line ABLDoc

    There should be a CLI command for generating ABLDoc. According to documentation it's currently limited to either Eclipse or ANT. Having a generic command line program that can do this makes it easier to integrate whatever build system you might...
  • LENGTH( rawValue) should default to LENGTH( rawValue, "RAW")

    • Under Review
    The subject line pretty much sums it up. It turns out that taking the LENGTH of a raw variable will give you different results, depending upon your code page. Is there a reason for this?