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 OpenEdge Installation & Deployment

  • WebSpeed requires administrator privileges on Windows

    As per knowledge base article 000001382, the WebSpeed broker on Windows needs to be started with a user that has administrator privileges. This is a gaping security hole allowing any error in application code to easily be elevated to compromise the...
  • make OpenEdge on Windows adapt to the dpi scaling factor

    Install (by default) the progress.exe.manifest and eclipse.exe.manifest file for high resolution screens with attribute dpiAware set to true to allow users to set the display scaling to greater 100%. For PDSOE, eclipse.exe.manifest is installed by default...
  • expose each and every OpenEdge IP port as product installation parameter

    Support defining each OpenEdge port as installation parameters, not just a subset. APs that have well-defined IP Port schemas by OpenEdge or application version, like to apply these port definition rules in order to secure against port conflicts and to...
  • Provision of the OpenedgeInstaller as a Merge Module

    • Under Review
    We create an MSI installer for our application using Wix, but we are still reliant on the Openedge Installer having been run on the target machine before our application can be run. The ideal from our point of view would be to have the Openedge Installer...
  • Enforce Data Execution Prevention on shipped .dll's

    Some .dll's shipped with OpenEdge do not have DEP enabled. Would like to have DEP enabled on all .dll's shipped with OpenEdge.
  • Proactive Strategy for Data Execution Prevention in Windows

    • Under Review
    After weeks of struggling with an obscure OE bug in Windows (that never affected us on HP-UX) I opened a support case and discovered that Progress doesn't even support the default configuration of a certain Windows feature (Data Execution Prevention...
  • provide feature to create an .msi installer

    Provide the means to create a custom .msi file, which includes the AP’s 3 rd party products and OpenEdge products such as Client Networking. Being able to create your own .msi is preferred over providing a merge module.
  • Please integrate OE Management with LDAP/AD

    I have been an openedge management user since version 1. The most annoying piece of the product is user management. I have multiple servers to deal with and every time we hired a new developer/admin, I would have to set up an account for them on multiple...
  • WebClient - Running Disconnected

    Today, WebClient requires an active network connection so upon app startup it can connect to a Webserver and check for application updates. After checking/updating the app it then starts the actual ABL application. If unable to connect to the WebServer...
  • provide an .msi Installer

    A number of customers and prospects standardize on corporate policies that require deploying at least the client machine installations using centralized Administration tools requiring the installers provided as .msi files.