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  • Quit On Stop + new start-up parameter -qos

    • Under Review
    In my experience automatic (prowin32, _progres, ...) session restart when an unhandled stop condition occurs is rarely useful and sometimes very annoying. It can cause sessions to endlessly loop on an error message with no other option than to use "end...
  • Automatically create AppServer log directory

    Hi, Currently, when you try to start an AppServer and the specified log file directory does not exist, the server doesn't start, but you also don't get any indication as to what has gone wrong. You can't look for the error in the log file...
  • Command-line support for Webclient Application Assembler

    When creating an webclient version, always the 'generate' has to be used in the Webclient Application Assembler. It would be nice if the process of creating a Webclient package can be fully automated.
  • Set dpiAware By OpenEdge Installer

    • Under Review
    High Resolution Displays are more and more standard in business application. Users like the sharp and bright view of icons and other graphical stuff. Most of them dislike small fonts. Therefore they “change the size for text, apps and other items”...
  • Allow AD/LDAP authentication for OE Management

    Enhance OEM/OEE to along with default Fathom realm authentication to also allow LDAP/AD logins.
  • Installer should allow to set the AdminServer's Process Pooling Port at installation...

    The AdminServer Process Pooling port is set to 4444 and cannot be changed at installation time. (This port gets defined in the fathom.config file, which is only created during installation). Request: Provide this port number as an installation parameter...
  • expose each and every OpenEdge IP port as product installation parameter

    Support defining each OpenEdge port as installation parameters, not just a subset. APs that have well-defined IP Port schemas by OpenEdge or application version, like to apply these port definition rules in order to secure against port conflicts and to...
  • Provision of the OpenedgeInstaller as a Merge Module

    • Under Review
    We create an MSI installer for our application using Wix, but we are still reliant on the Openedge Installer having been run on the target machine before our application can be run. The ideal from our point of view would be to have the Openedge Installer...
  • Deployment Tool that recognizes changes in schema.

    The online database changes specifically has expanded to discussion that not only center around database changes, but code deployment and how to have the OE stack (client, appserver, webspeed, .NET clients, etc) realize the changes in schema.
  • Installation Webclient

    • Under Review
    Hi! I want an option so I can choose to install WebClient as current user even if I'm local admin on the computer. My customers change permisson now and then and then this option is very useful. Once the WebClient was installed as a local admin...