I have a systemd service to manage the OpenEdge AdminServer. The systemd service works fine if the OpenEdge AdminServer is fully managed by the systemd service. The problem start when the systemd service is used in combination with the proadsv commands (/usr/dlc/bin/proadsv -start, /usr/dlc/bin/proadsv -stop). The proadsv commands do not update the status of the systemd openedge service with the consequence that the systemd openedge service no longer knows when the OpenEdge AdminServer is running or not. I don't know if there are mechanisms to update the status of the systemd openedge service when proadsv is used instead of the systemd service ?

An extra requirement is that the openedge adminserver should be started at boot time with the same systemd enabled service.

The systemd service " openedge.service" :

# This file is managed by Ansible - manual changes will be overwritten.
# This service wil start and stop all the progress databases on boot and shutdown of the system
# To work correctly, this script needs to be installed to "/etc/systemd/system/openedge.service",

Description=start/stop openedge adminserver
After=syslog.target network.target

ExecStart=/usr/dlc/bin/proadsv -start
ExecStop=/usr/dlc/bin/proadsv -stop

# Give a reasonable amount of time for the server to start up/shut down