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Install PDB files during OpenEdge Installation

  • Under Review

Whenever OpenEdge prowin32.exe or prowin.exe crashes, we’ll find a “protrace.<PID>” file in applications current folder (PID is the process ID of the crashe OpenEdge process). Inside “protrace.<PID>” is many cool stuff noted which could give us an idea why our application crashed.

Sometimes the information is not enough detailed to find out what’s really happen. Progress support gave us the tip to install OpenEdge PDB files. PDB files are symbol files for Windows-based executables. Without these files, it's not possible to get a readable C-level stack trace from the OpenEdge executables on Windows platforms.

We did a standard OpenEdge installation, hence no PDB files at customer side. So, we have to install PDB files on customer side manually and wait for the next time our application crashes.

And then we will hopefully receive all peace of information to find out what’s going wrong.

Using PDB files has two issues:

  1. They have to be installed manually
  2. They must match to the version of OpenEdge windows executables by version, service pack and hotfix. Otherwise the stack will provide wrong information!

That means, when install a service pack or hotfix we have to replace PDB files each time manually by new ones from service pack or hotfix. And our customers have to keep that in mind too.

PDB files are cool but please install them automatically by OpenEdge Installation (maybe as an option). Even for hotfixes.

  • Hello Progress Team,

    I was happy to see that hotfix 06 of OE 11.7.1 (aka copied PDB files to my OpenEdge installation. Unfortunately OE 11.7.2 doesn't.

    It looks like it works for hotfixes. Please provide them in full installation (e.g. 12.0) and Service Packs too.

    Kind regards,