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Add -recursive option to PROLIB

1) When extracting files from a procedure library (.pl), you need to have the directory structure already created as explained here: 

This can be time consuming. Scripts can be made to avoid manual work, but it would be best if "prolib -extract *.*" created the required directory structure automatically. 

2) When adding new files into a .pl, it is annoying that you can't add all files in the directory structure in one command. For example:

prolib -add OpenEdge\*.*

adds files only in OpenEdge directory, not its sub directories. So you would have to handle all sub directories separately like:  

prolib -add OpenEdge\*.*

prolib -add OpenEdge\Core\*.*

prolib -add OpenEdge\Net\*.*

and so on. 

So, my request is to have recursion handling in both extract and add/replace, either by default or with a new argument ("-recursive", for instance).