Hi there,

Since Progress OpenEdge 11.5.1 it is possible to configure a Generic JMS Adapter by modifying PluginPolicy.Progress.SonicMQ pluginclasspath, classpath & jvmargs in AdminServerPlugins.properties. (KB000054543)

The dilemma we are facing here is that we have been using the SonicMQ adapters for years sending and retrieving messages to/from the SonicMQ broker but since this year we are required to send and retrieve messages to/from Websphere MQ as well, so the functionality only allows you to choose running a Generic JMS Adapter(s) OR SonicMQ JMS Adapter(s), not both.

Because of this we have to perform 2x Progress installs on each host where the SonicMQ JMS adapter(s) runs under the Admin Server of the first installation and the Generic JMS adapter(s) running on another Admin Server of the second installation.
Now we have to maintain/upgrade 2x installations and 2x Admin servers on each host (DEV, QA, PREPROD & PROD).

Can Progress please look into adding functionality to the Admin Server to run BOTH Generic JMS adapter(s) AND SonicMQ JMS adapter(s) in a future OpenEdge release? It would make it so much easier to maintain and upgrade.

Our current OE version as of writing this is 11.7.4 for Solaris 64bit.