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  • Separate counters for total & used buffers in -B/-B2

    Currently we have counters for total and used buffers in _BuffStatus and in promon R&D 1 7. But they only show aggregate totals for the primary and alternate buffer pools. Having separate counters for primary and alternate buffer pools would make...
  • Add a simple flag to VSTs to show quiet point active

    At the moment to establish if a quiet point is active or not you have to parse the logfile or Promon output. Please could a flag be added in the VSTs that will tell us this information. I don't want to rely on the fact that the proquiet command...
  • Change the idxbuild -pfactor default value from 100 to 80

    The index packing/compaction factor defaults to 80 for idxcompact, but in idxbuild it defaults to 100. I would like to see idxbuild -pfactor default to 80, both for consistency and because it is a more reasonable default.
  • Verification option for database startup

    • Under Review
    It would be great if there was a way to verify database startup commands (proserve) without actually having to start the database (or if the database is already running). Use case: There are times we change database startup parameters while the database...
  • Allow changing the physical database name

    • Under Review
    As of now the only support way I know to change the physical database name is via probkup / prorest. While this is a valid approach it consumes a lot of downtime on large database - up to some 20 hours on a 2 TB large database. Manually renaming all...
  • Delete the database even if the index rebuild has failed

    When you do an index rebuild and it fails or it is aborted, you cannot delete the database with PRODEL. The folowing error will apear: "Index reconstruction utility was aborted. Rerun it to completion. (651)"
  • HWM for BI & AI buffers

    Sizing -aibufs and -bibufs is a bit of a black art. Some people say that 25-50 is plenty and that they have never seen more than single-digit values in R&D 1 9 Full Buffers. I am skeptical of this as I have seen values >40 during mass data loads...
  • Prolog online to reinsert the database startup section

    The database log file can in certain cases bloat quite quickly. As a result we truncate the log online from time to time. But we are still interested in the database startup section for various reasons, not least the ProTop uses it to identify a number...
  • Falback code page in jdbc driver to handle databases with corruption

    • Under Review
    Hello, regarding issue it would be highly desireable to have an option for the jdbc driver to be able to provide a fallback codepage so that if a character does not work it doesn't just...
  • A new costing algorithm in the SQL optimizer, to eliminate performance issues noted...

    • Under Review
    Several months ago a customer I support was having varying results using the SQL Optimizer tool. We opened a support ticket with Progress support and they indicated this was not an issue with the tool per se, but a problem how SQL coordinates among join...