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  • Prolog online to reinsert the database startup section

    The database log file can in certain cases bloat quite quickly. As a result we truncate the log online from time to time. But we are still interested in the database startup section for various reasons, not least the ProTop uses it to identify a number...
  • Falback code page in jdbc driver to handle databases with corruption

    • Under Review
    Hello, regarding issue it would be highly desireable to have an option for the jdbc driver to be able to provide a fallback codepage so that if a character does not work it doesn't just...
  • Online create index

    The online create index in concurrent operations fails with "Failure to acquire exclusive schema lock for DDL operation. (7872)" error. Ok, it is possible to create inactive indexes for an online database however, this is not really workable...
  • SQL Role: DataReader

    Currently it's very painful to grant read rights to all tables (now and in the future) for individual users. It's not possible and needs to be refreshed if new tables are added. It would be great to have a role DataReader which can be applied...
  • Allow character data type field to be initialized as GUID

    • Under Review
    I know there are other discussions about adding a GUID data type or other such methods to accomplish this. However, several applications have already been using a GUID and storing it in a character field. This idea would allow for a character field...
  • Add indexes to _file and _index

    I often want to iterate over the application-specific records in _file or _index, e.g.: for each _file no-lock where _tbl-type = 't': // do stuff end. for each _index no-lock where not _index-name begins "_": // do other stuff end...
  • Certify OE 11 as FIPS 140-2 Compliant

    • Under Review
    The US federal government requires FIPS 140-2 compliant solutions for encryption, transmission and storage of PII data. Lacking FIPS 140-2 compliance, we have to utilize 3rd party vendors top provide this functionality which is proving difficult/impossible...
  • Support .NET System.Transactions (Distributed Transactions)

    Right now the Enterprise database supports the JTA (Java Transaction API) X/Open Distributed Transactions. It would be a great feature if Distributed Transactions managed by .NET (like System.Transactions) were also supported. There is a big need for...
  • Logical Scatter metric

    As per this discussion: Please add a metric for "logical scatter".
  • OE installation : add version indication to shortcuts & proenv

    • Under Review
    Not database related but it's the only OpenEdge idea forum left so I post this here. My excuse is that It is useful on a windows database server. Following enhancements are very small but useful when multiple versions are installed on the same server...