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  • Virtualisation best practices

    I'm missing documentation, whitepapers and best practices around virtualisation. Like it or not but big parts of large systems are running in virtual environments and VMWare, OpenStack, NetApp, 3PAR, SAN-solutions etc is very common in everything...
  • Copy DB and schema

    No idea if this is something that others would want, but currently I need to copy a database and its schema and it would be a lot easier if I could do this with a simple procopy style command.
  • Troubleshooting enhancement for locktable overflow

    To make it easier to troubleshoot what has caused a LockTable overflow, would it be possible to add the feature of dumping the lock table and the associated PID’s when there is a lock table overflow. This would allow to pin-point what is causing...
  • Add LDAP into the core OpenEdge product

    • Under Review
    There has been talk on this subject and as I understand it was close to being added to OpenEdge at one point but since was taken off the table. Why? MIS / I.T. managers demand that applications that are installed in their domain support LDAP/AD so as...
  • Add a "lobmove" qualifier to proutil

    Self-explanatory I think (and overdue...).
  • VST field for date/time of last AI extent switch

    There is no field in _DbStatus or in _ActAILog to show the time stamp of the last AI extent switch. I would like to be able to monitor this as there are situations where the AIMD may stop switching extents, e.g. when it runs out of space in the last...
  • Default area assignments for objects

    As we know, an object added to a DB without an area assignment will go into the schema area. As we also know, no application objects should go there. So the price of keeping the Schema Area clean is eternal vigilance. There is no way to prevent future...
  • Option to Autostart AIW

    Currently in OEM you can configure BIW and APW resources to autostart with the DB, but as far as I can see you have to manually start the AIW. Please can this be added to the OEM features so we don't keep forgetting to start it.
  • Message numbers for *all* messages

    Please add message numbers for ALL log messages.
  • Allow field extent change with drop/add field

    • Under Review
    Allow changing the extent of a database field without dropping the field. Preferably on-line, through fast off-line schema change if on-line not possible