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  • Enhancement request: 'IN' operator for where clause

    OpenEdge currently doesn't have an 'IN' operator like SQL has. Example: SELECT * FROM customer WHERE state IN ('MA', 'NY', 'FL'). There are some ways to do this in OpenEdge: 1) FOR EACH customer WHERE LOOKUP(state...
  • Improved database authentication (primarily Active Directory and LDAP)

    • Under Review
    The lack of network authentication to the backend is a significant hole in the current database product, especially at scale. Other major databases generally allow for database authentication via Active Directory or LDAP (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, etc.). Advantages...
  • Allow AI archiver to trip aged files.

    • Under Review
    AI archiver stores or archives closed AI files. Adding a function to allow the archiver to remove out dated or aged files will be useful. Without this function something must be put in place to further move or remove files or run out of storage.
  • Start the web server for OpenEdge Management/Explorer earlier when the AdminServer...

    In the 'old' days when we still had the Progress Explorer Tool on Windows, you could start the PET and connect to the AdminService almost immediately after the service was started. This allowed you to very quickly see which resources are configured...
  • prostrct create possibility to use kilobyte value for -blocksize

    Currently when creating a new database one has to type prostrct create database .. -blocksize X , where X is the desired block size in bytes. Should one happen to make a typo, say 8191 instead of 8192, one might get a database with 4kb block size. ...
  • Stop Adminserver starting on install

    • Under Review
    Ref the problems encountered in KB: 19590. Can we have an option to not start the Adminserver when installed OE. Thanks Chris.
  • Real database triggers and stored procedures (ABL)

    Currently database triggers are run on the client side. The SQL side of the database has stored procedures (java) which can’t be called from ABL directly. Implement ABL database triggers and ABL stored procedures that are run in the database engine...
  • Allow prostrct list when db path is wrong

    • Under Review
    If you copy the DB to different path and you have no valid .st file there is no way to repair the db. The list command should always work and just export the .st files with the current paths (or maybe just with dots). The user can then correct them manually...
  • VST field for date/time of last AI extent switch

    There is no field in _DbStatus or in _ActAILog to show the time stamp of the last AI extent switch. I would like to be able to monitor this as there are situations where the AIMD may stop switching extents, e.g. when it runs out of space in the last...
  • Default area assignments for objects

    As we know, an object added to a DB without an area assignment will go into the schema area. As we also know, no application objects should go there. So the price of keeping the Schema Area clean is eternal vigilance. There is no way to prevent future...