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  • Identify Database by Abl / R-Code

    Nowadays there is no way to identify which database (Progress, Oracle or MSSQL) a program was compiled. Only internal procedures on Openedge can do it, when we got errors 869 e 916. Would be nice if exists a method on abl or r-code info to identify it...
  • Back up and restore per area

    • Under Review
    When doing f.e. maintenance on one area in a large database (view TB's), I need to back up the whole database. To backup only the area that I going to maintain saves time and disk space. Also in case of corruption in one area, I need to restore the...
  • Are there plans for a GUI or web based version of promon?

    • Not Planned
    Are there plans for a GUI or web based version of promon? Thanks.
  • Add parameter name in OE Management

    When you bring up the config pages in OE Management you get a verbose name for the parameter you are setting but there is no indication what the actual parameter is that this refers to. It should be a lot clearer. How do I know which parameter I am actually...
  • Make trigger r-code reside in the database

    • Under Review
    Replication and Schema triggers r-code should be stored in the database. The CRUD operations cannot work without them. Currently if your PROPATH is not setup properly if an operation causes a trigger to fire, the code will not be found. If the r-code...
  • Automatically enable large files

    Enabling large files should be a standard behavior when creating a new database with f.e. prostrct create. Now you have to do this in a separate step, which is often forgotten.
  • Improved database authentication (primarily Active Directory and LDAP)

    • Under Review
    The lack of network authentication to the backend is a significant hole in the current database product, especially at scale. Other major databases generally allow for database authentication via Active Directory or LDAP (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, etc.). Advantages...
  • Make the crash recovery system faster

    • Under Review
    Details: When a Progress database crashes, the database has to go through crash recovery before letting users back into the system. When this happens all incomplete transactions are backed out and the database is put back into a consistent state. The...
  • Add a "lobmove" qualifier to proutil

    Self-explanatory I think (and overdue...).
  • Add rowversion functionality

    • Under Review
    Hi, Many of our customers do ETL on our databases. In order to optimize/minimize the number of records loaded and scanned, it would be handy to have a field in each table that gets updated on every change. We could add a timestamp field and modify it...