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  • fast schema change, separate "initial" value for existing records

    • Under Review
    Add an extra "initial" value to _field, the initial value for existing records . Currently there is no way to distinguish between the initial value a field should have and the initial value that is assigned to existing record. Certain changes...
  • Better support for concatenated queries

    • Under Review
    Per I think there should be a cleaner way to use SQL to query data and achieve the same results. OR create a new structure (Stored Procedure) that can be executed from the SQL statement to accomplish...
  • add remote host capability to proadsv

    We have multiple admin server installs across many unix servers. At times the admin server (11.3.2) will hang. Others services like OEM and app servers can still be active. When this happens we will not get alerts from that server. We need to know when...
  • Ability to deactivate last index on a table (intending to create a new index in event...

    • Under Review
    A recent corruption incident made us realize that we could be in the position where we would need to deactivate the only index on a table in order to prevent access to the corrupt block (and subsequent database crash). This is especially needed for 24...
  • Allow Asynchronous Appserver to pass datasets

    • Under Review
    An Oldie. For some reason, the passing of datasets has never been allowed in Asynchronous appserver calls. IMO, this make the Asynchronous AppServer fairly useless as most of our appserver usage passes datasets.
  • Add best-practices documentation wrt to identifying and fixing index corruption

    Provide a white paper or a documentation paragraph about how to best tackle index corruption. How to identify corruption and which approach and tools to apply for each particular corruption type.
  • Add functionality to run script before db start

    We often have a situation where we identify some maintenance that needs to be done on a database that is offline. The problem is that often the person who ends up doing the database restart isn't someone who would know what they are doing to perform...
  • next gen database

    Improve the R in RDBMS: (starting points for an open-source ERD tool could be or http://ermaster.sourceforge...
  • Add Word index support to SQL clients

    Accessing the OpenEdge database using SQL clients via JDBC would greatly benefit from being able to use word indexs.
  • Add option startdate and enddate to rfutil aimage scan

    To scan an after image file, you can use the following command: rfutil db-name -C aimage scan [verbose] {-a ai-name | -ailist listfile} > output file name It would be very handy when you can use a start date and end date in case of a very large...