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  • Delete the database even if the index rebuild has failed

    When you do an index rebuild and it fails or it is aborted, you cannot delete the database with PRODEL. The folowing error will apear: "Index reconstruction utility was aborted. Rerun it to completion. (651)"
  • 'rfutil -S scan verbove' to report the user numbers

    The recovery notes contain the user numbers but 'rfutil -S scan verbose' reports only user's names stored in the RL_TBGN notes. It's very inconvenient when we need to parse the transactions generated, for example, by batch processes that...
  • Provide index cursor statistics in VSTs or promon

    • Under Review
    Although the 4GL client provides various logging options to record the creation and deletion of dynamic objects, we are finding in certain circumstances that it is very difficult to identify which specific client might be responsible for non-reproducible...
  • Improve PROBKUP so that it scans the db while backing it up

    • Under Review
    Hello ! Good day. Please consider below IDEA to improve Open Edge Database's PROBKUP utility: Current Behavior Under certain circumstances PROBKUP ends Successfully but it isn't possible to restore it later, with PROREST getting messages...
  • Update OE Explorer / The Data Admin Tool to have full MT maintenance functionality...

    • Under Review
    Currently it's not possible to do all the necessary MT work on a MT DB w/out using both OE Explorer and the Data Admin Tool. Both tools should be updated so a user can maintain their MT db.
  • Add nap "buckets" to _Latch VST

    Add some "buckets" to the nap data in the _Latch VST so that we can determine how often the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and maximum nap levels take place. As I understand the current algorithm the 1st nap is set by -nap, the 2nd nap is -nap * 2, the...
  • Assign objects to -B2 on the command line

    Request: extend proutil -C enableB2 syntax to allow table <table name> or index <table.index>. Same with proutil -C disableB2.
  • Location Parameter for Horizontal Partitioning

    • Under Review
    If we allow a default first parameter for horizontal partitions set as TENANT/SITE we can set a default value for this parameter, it will then allow us to get similar benefit as vertical partitioning while still being able to use horizontal partitioning...
  • Add additional attributes to database files and fields

    I'd like to see SERIALIZE-NAME, SERIALIZE-HIDDEN, XML-NODE-NAME, XML-NODE-TYPE, XML-DATA-TYPE added to the Data Dictionary for Fields and Tables where relevant. Our field names were designed many years ago and not real user friendly when reading...
  • Add support to the existing default Linux unixODBC library (instead of having to...

    • Under Review
    Add Progress support to the existing default Linux UnixODBC library (instead of the UnixODBC library shipped with the Progress ODBC driver). For PHP to work under Red Hat/CentOS Linux for example there is 2 ways to use the Progress ODBC driver: using...