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  • Make table partitioning work with multi tenancy

    As our databases are multi-tenant, we can't make use of the table partitioning features. So I think it would make sense if table partitioning can be applied to multi-tenant tables.
  • Fix DB API tools to work with single-user db connections

    • Under Review
    This KB says Progress hasn't decided if this is a doc or product bug. I submit it's a product bug - one shouldn't be forced to start a server just to do admin work to a db.
  • BI Real usage Size

    • Under Review
    Hi All, We have our db's with BI size 6+12 GB fixed extent followed by variable extent. we start our db's with bigrow 48. We have BI block size 16K and Cluster size 128MB. So we have 52 [48+4] clusters created as soon as we have the db's...
  • Multi-extent binary dump

    Request: add a -vs <size> parameter option to proutil -C dump (specifically the single-threaded dump) so it produces multiple files of a given size, e.g., table.bd2, table.bd3, etc. This would allow a reduction of total elapsed time for...
  • Release notes: Make issue list Excel friendly

    • Under Review
    It is easy to read the issue list (html format) provided with a service pack into Excel. If there would be only 1 row per issue we could use autofilter, sort etc. Because of it current format with rowspans and colspans this is not really useable.
  • When running idxfix opt 6, identify the table (and maybe primary key/key values of...

    • Under Review
    Give the user an indication which table the record in question is in would be helpful, ex. “You’re deleting table [_file]customer with [_index-field]cust-num 12345. Are you sure?”
  • Pre-grow variable data extents

    It would be helpful to be able to pre-grow a variable data extent, similar to proutil -C bigrow but for data extents. Use case: creating a target DB for a D&L.
  • BUFFER-WRITE-XML method to write a single record to xml

    We're lacking the ability to write a single record of a (temp-)table to xml. In order to do this we dynamically create a temp-table with a single record in order to write it to xml. As WRITE-XML is currently the same for buffer handle and table handle...
  • Forget about Workgroup Database Licenses

    To name but a few, I believe that the following limitations in Workgroup Database Licenses are really out-of-date. 1. The 2GB file-size limit. Even modest DB areas can quickly grow up above 2GB. 2. The semaphore technique. Nowadays, server (and VM)...
  • Provide better OS info in DB log at startup

    This is a sample of the (4234) message in 10.2B08 on Linux: Progress OpenEdge Release 10.2B build 1699 SP07 on Linux sitdev2 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Jun 13 18:24:36 EDT 2012 x86_64. and this is a sample from 10.2B08 on Window Server 2008...