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  • New 11.3 OE Management Remote Authentication ERRONEOUSLY Requires Access to /etc...

    PROBLEM: When adding a remote container in OE Management 11.3, you must provide the username and password of the user that started the AdminServer on the remote host. BUT...if it is NOT root, the password cannot be authentication against the /etc/shadow...
  • VST fields for OERepl total & free pica buffer entries

    I'm sure this has been requested in the past but I don't see an existing idea for it. Today, the counts for free and used pica buffer entries is available in promon R&D 1 16 but not in the VSTs. So the only monitoring option is to screen...
  • Use Data Dictionary with no compiler installed

    Please enhance the Data Dictionary code so it is fully functional (i.e. no menu functions grayed out) without 4GL Development System (or some other development product) installed. I want to be able to deploy and run an OpenEdge database with only Enterprise...
  • More intuitive command lines for DB admin

    This is something that really bugs me every time I'm configuring things. At the moment that's a lot because I'm setting up a new server for migration, and I had to set up a test migration server too. A lot of the commands I run are counter...
  • Auto-create of startup scripts

    I've been having to do some maintenance on our DB startup parameters recently and realised again why I dislike OE Explorer. It made me think it would be useful to have a button to allow you to auto-generate a startup script based on the settings in...
  • Multi-extent binary dump

    Request: add a -vs <size> parameter option to proutil -C dump (specifically the single-threaded dump) so it produces multiple files of a given size, e.g., table.bd2, table.bd3, etc. This would allow a reduction of total elapsed time for...
  • BI Real usage Size

    • Under Review
    Hi All, We have our db's with BI size 6+12 GB fixed extent followed by variable extent. we start our db's with bigrow 48. We have BI block size 16K and Cluster size 128MB. So we have 52 [48+4] clusters created as soon as we have the db's...
  • Release notes: Make issue list Excel friendly

    • Under Review
    It is easy to read the issue list (html format) provided with a service pack into Excel. If there would be only 1 row per issue we could use autofilter, sort etc. Because of it current format with rowspans and colspans this is not really useable.
  • Fix DB API tools to work with single-user db connections

    • Under Review
    This KB says Progress hasn't decided if this is a doc or product bug. I submit it's a product bug - one shouldn't be forced to start a server just to do admin work to a db.
  • Extend proutil increaseto to include tablerangesize/indexrangesize

    I'd like to be able to increase -tablerangesize and -indexrangesize without bouncing the database.