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ANNOUNCEMENT - November 11, 2019

The submission of Ideas (product feature enhancements) will be migrated to a new and significantly improved platform in the December 2019 time frame. When the change takes place, you will be redirected to the new location.

Please note that existing open Ideas in this Community are being imported into the new system.

 OpenEdge Database

  • Lock - Inform Program and Tables

    Hi Team, When a lock occurs and the message: (8812) Lock wait timeout of 3600 seconds expired Would it be possible to inform the program that is causing lock as well as the table? Regards
  • Remove previous Audit Dump events during Audit Archive run.

    The current Audit Dump Event (Event ID 10301) is not archived during an Audit Archive run. - This is correct. I think that any previous Audit Dump events though should be removed. Currently these events build up in the database and will continue to...
  • Stop procedure Editor Access/Compile By providing a DB Option

    • Under Review
    Hello, Procedure editor provide by Progress is a wonderful tool! But these days security is a concern and data privacy is another problem. We as Progress need to be also concerned about DB Security, Procedure Editor being used as a Progress provided...
  • Log Database - Table / Program

    Hi, Would it be possible when error 8812 occurs - Lock wait timeout of 180 seconds expired add the table name and name of the program that caused the lock entered in the database log? Regards
  • Extration Config Multi Tenant for dump / load

    Hi, When there is a need to run a dump / load on multi tenant bases, we have to recreate the base after dump execution. With this we have to manually redo the creation of all tenants that existed in the database. For example. We have a base with...
  • rfutil [DB] -C aimage scan verbose -a [Ai-file] : Add the connect-id with the user...

    Hi, Extract of an rfutil -C aimage scan verbose -a Transaction : 869157 Tue Apr 9 15:35:42 2019. (2598) Trid: 869157 User Id: MILSG_CECO (12531) Trid: 869157 code = RL_TBGN version = 1 (12528) Trid : 869157 dbkey = 0 update counter = 0 (12530) The...
  • Generate the new GUID when Auditing is enabled on Progress DB

    Hi Progress team, Recently we came across the scenario where Audit archive report failed due to GUID issue. It would be really nice to see if you could enhance the GUID generation logic. I would like to see below enhancement: When enable the auditing...
  • Have the ability to bypass OS cache during db backup to an NFS mounted drive.

    • Under Review
    We have a customer who has been experiencing periodic issues with AppServers during the online backup to an NFS mounted drive. After some detailed investigation, we found that OS caching was causing the performance issue. We did a simple test by setting...
  • INDEX-CRC-LIST attributes to the RCODE-INFO

    Today we have the attribute TABLE-CRC-LIST to the RCODE-INFO handle to allow checking the table CRCs for tables. There is the possibility to include the attribute INDEX-CRC-LIST to the RCODE-INFO? To check the indexes that are used in a rcode...
  • Add a user list to the OE CRUD rules within OE Audting

    • Under Review
    We would like the ability to set a list of users linked to particular OE Auditing rules (mainly CRUD rules, create/update/delete). This way, not all users would have their events registered within the database. We know that this can be done programmatically...