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Automatically enable large files

Enabling large files should be a standard behavior when creating a new database with f.e. prostrct create.

Now you have to do this in a separate step, which is often forgotten.

  • I agree. Additionally, I would like to have large files support for workgroup database as well.

  • If your st file has an extent which is larger than 2GB then I believe large files is enabled automatically on create, but it shouldn't have to rely on that.

  • I disagree,

    I am managing more than 10 000 DB which are on 18 servers.

    I developp a process which allow to add X extend by area by DB by day

    I had to make a choice, if one of the DB is growing abnormaly :

    - this DB crash because there is no space left in an area (after several automatical add extend)

    - more than 500 databases crash at the same time because there is no space left on the file system.

    It is easier to repair & restart one db.

    it is harder when you have more than 500 db to repair at the ame time.