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 OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input

  • Single Line Comment

    Use // to identify a single line comment
  • Support for multiple assemblies directories

    Say you have the following situation: Project A: Is generic framework code, and has its own assemblies.xml and assemblies directory Project B: Is an application using the generic framework code from Project A (PROPATH includes Project A), and has...
  • Proper date formatting options

    Currently yuo can do STRING(TIME,"HH:MM AM") but for dates you must use numbers STRING(DATE,"99/99/99") . It would be much more useful if you could also do something similar for dates. Some examples of what this would like: STRING...
  • Use different icons for different products

    • Complete
    Its very confusing that PDSOE, prowin, show config, etc. have the same icon.
  • DB: Provide feedback during crash recovery

    • Under Review
    Going through crash recovery with a large bi is painful. It's even more painful to have to tell the customer : "I have no clue whatsoever how long this is going to take." 1. add some info about the amount of work CR has to do 2. add...
  • Enhance error 8812 lock wait time-out

    • Under Review
    It would be great if this message would include some identifying information about the locked record and the connection id of the pprocess that holds the lock. e.g. table name and rowid or primary key info instead of "Lock wait timeout of 1800...
  • Native support for .NET/Mono for Linux from within the ABL

    • Under Review
    The ABL to access the .NET core framework from within Linux just like you can with Windows.
  • Define default Type II area for Objects other than schema area

    Today when you add a new table or index it goes into the schema area by default. Please provide the ability to define a different default area for these operations.
  • Hide passwords from 4GLTrace

    • Under Review
    Currently 4GLTrace shows all parameters of a run statement. This is a very useful feature except that it exposes password in the logfile. It should be possible to mark a parameter as hidden. This should work for procedure, function and method parameters...
  • Boxing/unboxing of ABL datatypes to/from Progress.Lang.Object

    Currently only .NET compatible ABL datatypes can be boxed to System.Object. It would be usefull if ALL ABL datatypes could be boxed to Progress.Lang.Object. That way generic properties like Tag or Value could be made that can return any type (similar...