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  • Custom-shape buttons with hovercolor in OpenEdge

    Dear Sir/Madam, In our (very large) OpenEdge application we have made toolbar's with 'custom-buttons', see image We created such a button, not with the'Button' widget, but with the 'Rectangle' Widget and an image widget...
  • Color Coding for table field

    Good afternoon. When writing code, we rarely use the full database class hierarchy as <db-name>.<Table-name>.<Table-field>. usually we write only <table-field>. After the transition to the Progress Developer Studio, we were found...
  • CHUI dynamic browses

    • Under Review
    I'm surprised this isn't in here, but true dynamic browses would be really wonderful I don't think I need to justify this-we use chui, and we would like to see the same basic functionality in chui as we see in gui. Being able to build browses...
  • Field Lookups

    Field lookups for form fields. Form fields with lookups will have a lookup button which will launch a modal grid window and allow them to search and select a field value. The lookup options like data source, columns, page size, filtering etc. could...
  • SQL-Statement generated from FOR <buffer> should contain "TOP 1"

    This issue was already filed as case number 00389055 but was not considered a bug, so I post this here now. I used the -Dsrv qt_debug,SQL parameter when connected to an MSSQL-DB to have a look at the executed SQL-statements. When using FOR FIRST...
  • Operator overloading

    Add the ability to overload operators like < and > to be able to compare two object. Now the handle value seems to be used when using < or >, which is useless. See discussion:
  • Dynamically set extent size of indeterminate extent through reflection

    • Under Review
    You can use reflection to dynamically set property values in an object with Progress.Reflect.Property:Set(<instance>,<value>). Unfortunately this is not possible for a property defined as an extent which still has a indeterminate size. It...

    • Under Review
    OS-APPEND, OS-COMMAND, OS-COPY, OS-CREATE-DIR & OS-DELETE take literal constants as parameters. e.g. OS-COPY c:\temp\1.txt c:\temp2.txt. To send parameters as variables you have to use the VALUE keyword: e.g. OS-COPY VALUE(vFile1) VALUE(vFile2...
  • Override a property in PDSOE (OOABL)

    • Under Review
    With the OOABL, we can easily override a method of an inherited class. We can't do that with properties. Without this feature, we always have to find other solutions with C# ... Thanks !
  • Option to set the cookie flags in PASOE for REST

    It is now possible to map a output parameter to a cookie but it is not possible to do something with the cookie flags. See for information about cookie flags at rfc6265 on This is needed for security e.q. httpOnly...