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  • Add Progress support for STARTTLS

    We are looking to send email via Office 365, however we are unable to send email via SMTP authentication as Progress doesn’t support STARTTLS. Is this something we can request for a future version and is this something you may be aware of already...
  • REST Out support

    Provide wizards and/or ABL objects/methods to facilitate REST OUT support.
  • Support remote method invocation of ABL AppServer (both classic and PASOE) object...

    Remote Method invocation: Support calling object methods on an appserver by a client. (similar to: run internal procedure of persistent procedure in Appserver-Handle).
  • Allow to set the exit code of _progress.exe

    Many APs run ABL-based Batch Jobs, at production (such as “Queues” for e. g. print jobs) and at installation/migration time (e. g. compile and data migration jobs). These jobs may be run as a sequence and/or hierarchy of jobs. For job control...
  • ABL message callback to customize messages displayed to users

    Allow defining an ABL Message Callback. Instead of just displaying the error code and a human readable text provided by promsgs, allow the programmer to control what messages and which details are displayed to the user. It would allow to provide messages...
  • Run Corticon decision services as In-process using ABL

    Currently, we can run Corticon decision service as in-process using .Net & Java. Can we have similar ability to run Corticon as in-process using ABL for improved performance rather than having to go through the network?
  • Extend TABLE-SCAN support to dynamic queries

    TABLE-SCAN is currently only available for static FOR EACH statements, not for dynamic queries. Extending the support for TABLE-SCAN to dynamic queries would be a useful feature. See discussion at
  • OpenEdge Architect - OpenEdge Customaization Options

    • Under Review
    Possibility to add External directory to the Propath of an OpenEdge Custom Project. Now it's only possible to add the directories that you've put in the Folder Layout of this Custom Project. I create my projects always with the same structure...
  • .NET Core Linux

    At this moment there is no support for .NET objects on the Linux platform - You can only use .NET objects on a Windows platform. (14693) The AppServer is a great product and certainly with the arrival of PAS but there is still missing some functionalities...

    Sometimes you are not interested in the OUTPUT parameter of a procedure. Now you need to create a dummy variable to store the output. It would be useful to be able to write the following (or something similar) RUN MyProc(a, b, OUTPUT VOID).