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  • PDSOE Debugger - Show contents of temp table/data set

    • Under Review
    It would be nice to be able to see the contents of a temp table or dataset in the PDSOE Debugger. Currently, it only shows the current buffer contents. I want to see the full contents of the temp table. As a bonus, if the variable is a handle and...
  • Show which parameter is wrong in error messages, correct/enhance the error messa...

    • Under Review
    On linux pro -basekey ini -s 500 shows following error 'The -s parameter requires a numeric argument. (11996)' I spent the better part of an hour debugging and trying to figure out why 500 wasn't numeric. The error should have been...
  • Upgrade option for OpenEdge Installation

    It will be good to provide upgrade option for existing user with lower OpenEdge version. We can have options like new installation or Upgrade from lower version to higher version like 11.4.0 to 11.6.0 while installing OpenEdge .
  • REST Outbound Support should be in the ABL

    • Complete
    You should be able to invoke a REST service from the ABL (as well as SOAP Web Services). A build-in REST web client in OOABL would be great.

    ROUTINE-LEVEL LOCAL-DEFAULT-BUFFERS. This Enhancement is Request is about mastering the key construct of the 4GL/ABL that still makes this technology attractive: mastering the record buffer. Many quality issues on the fields are due to a poor handing...
  • Intelligent casing of unreserved keywords in PDSOE

    When using unreserved keywords as property in a class, the casing rules get applied to them. Since the compiler can figure out what you're doing, so should the parser in Eclipse (PDSOE). To a lesser annoying extent, they also get the keyword coloring...
  • INITIAL option supported for CLASS variables

    (from ) Say I have the following enum ENUM Condition: DEFINE ENUM New Used. END ENUM. And I have a class: CLASS Product: DEFINE PUBLIC PROPERTY Condition...
  • HLC (Host Language Call) support for PASOE

    Currently the new PASOE AppServer doesn't support linking custom C code with the executable like the classic AppServer and clients (HLC/Host Language Call) There is a new THREAD-SAFE option added to call routines in external libraries (.so/dll)...
  • Add "ABL Enum" wizard to Developer Studio

    Currently you can't create a new enum from the Developer studio menu File > New > ... You have to create a class and replace the CLASS / END CLASS with ENUM / END ENUM. A direct way to create enums would be nice...
  • Add option to auto-remove trailing whitespace on save in Developer Studio for Op...

    • Under Review
    Title says it all, add an option to auto-remove trailing whitespace on save.