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  • Make end X universal.

    There are some cases where one can say end method or end case to indicate what the end is closing. This should be universal for every instance of end.
  • Add a way to globally "catch" all errors in batch mode

    • Under Review
    At the moment there is no way to catch all errors in code when running in batch mode. It is only possible to pipe the errors to a file. This is problematic since errors go unnoticed unitl someone looks at the logfile. It would be great to have some kind...
  • Allow variable as delimiter for export and import statements

    • Under Review
    The current requirement that the import / export delimiter be a constant rather than a variable causes a lot of unnecessary code duplication when input/output contents are identical except for the delimiter.
  • Extend TABLE-SCAN support to dynamic queries

    TABLE-SCAN is currently only available for static FOR EACH statements, not for dynamic queries. Extending the support for TABLE-SCAN to dynamic queries would be a useful feature. See discussion at
  • Provide an ABL API to manage OpenEdge database users

    • Under Review
    Our customers never access the OpenEdge database administration. Create, update, delete operations of users are handled by our application. Currently we manage database users by creating and deleting _user records directly in ABL code. With 11.x upgrade...
  • 11.4 Using statement assistance enhancement request

    • Complete
    New in 11.4, PDS, has some nice options to auto add the using statement. It will really improve our productivity when writing OO ABL/.net code in PDS. One thing though which would be a nice subsequent enhancement is to give us a bit more control over...
  • Upgrade option for OpenEdge Installation

    It will be good to provide upgrade option for existing user with lower OpenEdge version. We can have options like new installation or Upgrade from lower version to higher version like 11.4.0 to 11.6.0 while installing OpenEdge .
  • Intelligent casing of unreserved keywords in PDSOE

    When using unreserved keywords as property in a class, the casing rules get applied to them. Since the compiler can figure out what you're doing, so should the parser in Eclipse (PDSOE). To a lesser annoying extent, they also get the keyword coloring...
  • REST Outbound Support should be in the ABL

    • Complete
    You should be able to invoke a REST service from the ABL (as well as SOAP Web Services). A build-in REST web client in OOABL would be great.
  • Make the Variables view of the Debugger sortable

    Currently you can click on the "Name" column, but nothing happens. It would be nice if the variable names are actually sorted