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  • LOOKUP method on array (extent)

    Provide a LOOKUP implementation to find the occurence of an item in an extent, much like the existing LOOKUP function to find a string in an expression. See If generics...
  • Use debug listing files from PDS debugger

    The legacy debugger allows debugging sessions with debug listing files -- instead of the full source code -- which is really useful when the project is made of multiple subprojects, with long propath, and overridden include files in specific subprojects...
  • The .NET bridge in PDS should use a different app domains for seperate projects

    • Under Review
    I have two projects in the DevStudio with two different assembly directories. I have created a custom .Net control in which i have added a new property. This new assemly is only in the second project. The first project still has the older version without...
  • Add option to enforce correct case on class references

    • Under Review
    .Net classes references are case sensitive. Progress allows incorrect .Net class references if you have already compiled a source containing the correct reference. see
  • Support digitally signing r-code and r-code libraries. Enforce that only signed code...

    • Under Review
    With the increase in security breaches out there, it is becoming a requirement that we be more security conscious and make sure we are in control of what is running on our systems. We have to go through pen testing and security audits to ensure we are...
  • Add ability to pass datasets asynchronously

    When you try to pass a dataset asynchronously you get the following message: Not legal to run request with dataset parameters asynchronously. (12769) Making asynchronous appserver requests with dataset parameters is not supported. Passing the individual...
  • Allow variable as delimiter for export and import statements

    • Under Review
    The current requirement that the import / export delimiter be a constant rather than a variable causes a lot of unnecessary code duplication when input/output contents are identical except for the delimiter.
  • Provide an ABL API to manage OpenEdge database users

    • Under Review
    Our customers never access the OpenEdge database administration. Create, update, delete operations of users are handled by our application. Currently we manage database users by creating and deleting _user records directly in ABL code. With 11.x upgrade...
  • 11.4 Using statement assistance enhancement request

    • Complete
    New in 11.4, PDS, has some nice options to auto add the using statement. It will really improve our productivity when writing OO ABL/.net code in PDS. One thing though which would be a nice subsequent enhancement is to give us a bit more control over...
  • Make end X universal.

    There are some cases where one can say end method or end case to indicate what the end is closing. This should be universal for every instance of end.