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  • Add 4GL/ABL support to display which user/connection has a record locked

    • Under Review
    Please add functions or statements to get the connection ID that has a record locked. Obviously the 4GL has access to this information when you try and lock a record without error handling (record in use by xxx on xxx). If you are writing proper code...
  • Turn off the splash screen for developers

    If a development product is installed, make NoSplash=yes the default setting. Blogpost: Discussion:
  • Add documentation for PROFILER handle

    Currently there is no official documentation for the PROFILER handle, except one article on the knowledge base ( ) This documentation should be available...
  • LOOKUP method on array (extent)

    Provide a LOOKUP implementation to find the occurence of an item in an extent, much like the existing LOOKUP function to find a string in an expression. See If generics...
  • Auto Complete in Developer Studio

    • Under Review
    The auto complete in developer studio would be more useful if it included the variable names instead of just the variable types (INPUT CHARACTER, INPUT INTEGER, etc). Also the auto complete should not disappear once you start typing . Visual Studio...
  • .NET Support for Pacific AppServer

    Progress allowed in OpenEdge 11.x us to use .NET classes in AppServer logic. There are many helpfull classes and we started to use them. Now the new "Pacific Appserver (OEPAS)" does not include .NET Support. I think this is really needed. Progress...
  • Boxing/unboxing of ABL datatypes to/from Progress.Lang.Object

    Currently only .NET compatible ABL datatypes can be boxed to System.Object. It would be usefull if ALL ABL datatypes could be boxed to Progress.Lang.Object. That way generic properties like Tag or Value could be made that can return any type (similar...
  • Support for Truncate table.

    • Under Review
    Right now delete all records from an OE table is big pain. specially if table contains huge number of record, say 10 million. So support of Truncate table or Empty table programmatically, will be useful.
  • Show which parameter is wrong in error messages, correct/enhance the error messa...

    • Under Review
    On linux pro -basekey ini -s 500 shows following error 'The -s parameter requires a numeric argument. (11996)' I spent the better part of an hour debugging and trying to figure out why 500 wasn't numeric. The error should have been...
  • Use new Enum functionality in built-in attributes/methods

    To make code more type-safe, it would be nice if existing built-in attributes/methods that currently only accept a constant or string get an overloaded version that accepts an Enum. E.g. BUFFER ttOrder:FILL-MODE = "MERGE":U could become...