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  • .NET Support for Pacific AppServer

    Progress allowed in OpenEdge 11.x us to use .NET classes in AppServer logic. There are many helpfull classes and we started to use them. Now the new "Pacific Appserver (OEPAS)" does not include .NET Support. I think this is really needed. Progress...
  • Boxing/unboxing of ABL datatypes to/from Progress.Lang.Object

    Currently only .NET compatible ABL datatypes can be boxed to System.Object. It would be usefull if ALL ABL datatypes could be boxed to Progress.Lang.Object. That way generic properties like Tag or Value could be made that can return any type (similar...
  • Make EXPORT and IMPORT work with (dynamic) buffer handles

    The very nice statements EXPORT and IMPORT doesn't work with dynamic buffers/buffer handles. This (quite complicated) workaround provides an alternative to working round this: But if would...
  • Auto Complete in Developer Studio

    • Under Review
    The auto complete in developer studio would be more useful if it included the variable names instead of just the variable types (INPUT CHARACTER, INPUT INTEGER, etc). Also the auto complete should not disappear once you start typing . Visual Studio...
  • Add MERGE/REPLACE option to OUTPUT DATASET parameter passing syntax

    Currently there is a possibility to add records to a client side dataset from a dataset passed as output parameter using the APPEND option: RUN AddData(param1, param2,... OUTPUT DATASET MyDataset APPEND ). This only works if the records being added...
  • Support for Truncate table.

    • Under Review
    Right now delete all records from an OE table is big pain. specially if table contains huge number of record, say 10 million. So support of Truncate table or Empty table programmatically, will be useful.
  • Add option to enforce correct case on class references

    • Under Review
    .Net classes references are case sensitive. Progress allows incorrect .Net class references if you have already compiled a source containing the correct reference. see
  • Do not allow possible abbreviated table and field names to take priority over class...

    As soon as a field is added to the database that starts with the name of a class that is referenced unqualified (i.e. there is a USING present), all code using that class fails. This is because the compiler now see the class name as an abbreviation of...
  • Use new Enum functionality in built-in attributes/methods

    To make code more type-safe, it would be nice if existing built-in attributes/methods that currently only accept a constant or string get an overloaded version that accepts an Enum. E.g. BUFFER ttOrder:FILL-MODE = "MERGE":U could become...
  • The .NET bridge in PDS should use a different app domains for seperate projects

    • Under Review
    I have two projects in the DevStudio with two different assembly directories. I have created a custom .Net control in which i have added a new property. This new assemly is only in the second project. The first project still has the older version without...