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  • Release notes - group defects by component and by release fixed.

    Taking the readmesp.txt from as example, the list of issues fixed lists all defects fixed in both 11.3.1 and 11.3.2 service pack, ordered by defect number. It would be good to see this list organized by product component , and to mark when...
  • Operator overloading

    Add the ability to overload operators like < and > to be able to compare two object. Now the handle value seems to be used when using < or >, which is useless. See discussion:
  • Turn off the splash screen for developers

    If a development product is installed, make NoSplash=yes the default setting. Blogpost: Discussion:
  • Add documentation for PROFILER handle

    Currently there is no official documentation for the PROFILER handle, except one article on the knowledge base ( ) This documentation should be available...
  • Color coding for translation attributes

    • Under Review
    In 10.2.B the translation attributes were color coded (OpenEdge Architect), but this is no loger the case in OE11 (Developer Studio) The Tech-Support informed me that this was a bug and the color coding is now working as inteded. But the color coding...
  • Add parameter to QUIT statement to return value to caller

    It's currently not possible to return a value to the shell when exiting a Progress session, so there's no easy way to know if a batch session was successful or not. Trapping return code (using $? or %ERRORLEVEL%) is especially useful when dealing...
  • Support OUTER-JOIN on FOR EACH

    Currently, when you want to outer-join a buffer in a for each, you need to create a (static or dynamic) query. I would be useful if the OUTER-JOIN option could be used directly on a for each statement.
  • Add 4GL/ABL support to display which user/connection has a record locked

    • Under Review
    Please add functions or statements to get the connection ID that has a record locked. Obviously the 4GL has access to this information when you try and lock a record without error handling (record in use by xxx on xxx). If you are writing proper code...
  • ABL enhancement: a fast method for getting the number of results of a query

    Background: It would often be useful to know the number of records returned by a query before actually fetching the records (how many rows the query would return if it was opened now?). A work-around is to loop through the records in a separate FOR...
  • .NET Support for Pacific AppServer

    Progress allowed in OpenEdge 11.x us to use .NET classes in AppServer logic. There are many helpfull classes and we started to use them. Now the new "Pacific Appserver (OEPAS)" does not include .NET Support. I think this is really needed. Progress...