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  • .NET Core Linux

    At this moment there is no support for .NET objects on the Linux platform - You can only use .NET objects on a Windows platform. (14693) The AppServer is a great product and certainly with the arrival of PAS but there is still missing some functionalities...
  • CAN-FIND support for Dynamic buffers

    Title says it all. Currently you can do a dynamic FIND-FIRST, FIND-UNIQUE, etc. but a CAN-FIND isn't available on dynamic buffers. Since the cost of a CAN-FIND is lower than that of an actual FIND, it would be usefull to have this on dynamic buffers...
  • Speed up compilation of ABL code, or support multi-threaded compilation

    • Under Review
    Waiting minutes for ABL projects to compile & seeing only 12.5% CPU usage is frustrating. Either Improving single-threaded compilation speed to such an extent that we're not waiting or enabling multi-threaded compiles would be a great improvement...
  • PDSOE - option to compile only files that have compile errors

    • Complete
    In PDSOE, I’d like to have a way to just recompile files that have compile errors. Say our project has 1000 files and 20 of these have compile errors. I want to just be able to compile just those files. For example, if I have 20 errors showing...
  • Provide a supported profiling data viewer application

    There are various vintages of Progress profiler viewers, all of which are officially unsupported. But the ABL profiler system handle is supported. What is the value of being able to generate profiling data is there isn't a supported way to visualize...
  • Add keyword/api to disconnect/kick users from the database

    • Under Review
    It would be useful to have a keyword (or some kind of API) to disconnect/kick users from the database.
  • TABLE-SCAN for Open Query or Dynamic Query

    The Table Scan option is fabulous. The only issue being I can't use it in Open Query or dynamic queries. Please could this be added.
  • Custom information in r-code files

    We need to get information from our r-codes, like the deployment version, to test this information during de product update. This process updates about 30 thousand programs each time it is run, and there is no way to open each .r to look for a string...
  • Debugger: allow it to stop on the statement that is throwing a run time error

    When a run-time error occurs the debugger can be launched when session:debug-alert is true or the session is started with -debugalert. When using traditional error handling, the debugger is positioned at the next statement, which generally means at...
  • Reflection - support for annotations

    It should be possible to get (values of) annotations through reflection. Since currently annotations are not compiled in (they are ignored by the compiler), annotations itself would need enhancements comparable to the Java annotations or c# attributes...